Revival Has A Name-May 07

Thank you so much for your love and prayers, your emails and encouragement. Each of you means so much to us here. You are truly a precious part of our family.

Jesus has been speaking to me more every day how, “Revival has a name.” Just a few days ago, we were brought our littlest one yet (see photo to the right): a precious baby boy 8 days old whose mom died from complications of child birth. We are one of the only places who take in infants because of the extreme expense and extra work for the first 2 years. If we did not open our arms for him, he had very little chance of surviving his first year.

He did not even have a name. So I had the amazing honor of naming him. I looked into his small sleeping face and heard, Daniel. This one will speak to governments Jesus whispered in my ear. He will rest in the midst of lions and not be touched. He will bring My word to kings. So, Danny has been welcomed with open arms to our ever growing family. He was also a prophetic statement from the heart of God, as all of our infants have been. How revival has a name. The nameless, faceless masses of the hurting, hungry and dying here: each has a name. Each has a face and a calling and destiny in the heart of God. Each one. Every one. Every single person. The love of God gives names to the nameless and voices to the voiceless.

Revival has a name: Beida, Kujo, Data, Asa, Victoria Joy, Danny, Aba, Susu, Aarona to mention a few. Love gives the dignity of identity and calls forth the destiny of the ones who are just a mess of needy humanity to the world. I am just wrecked by our children more every day. They worship with such passion and such fervency, it simply draws heaven down to our little bit of earth. They are catching it! They lay hands on each other and pray for healing or for grace for exams or for whatever they need. And God shows up! YEA! It just undoes me to see them praying in the dirt with their hands raised to heaven: hungry, hungry for more Jesus.

For many years now, Jesus has been talking to me about becoming the message I am called to bring: about His upside down Kingdom where our roots are planted in heaven and the fruit is released on the earth. Humility and intimacy, passion and presence, a life lived from heaven to earth. Recently I was preparing to go preach at an outreach in Freedom Square, where all the drunk guys (some with their ak-47s), the insane (literally in chains at times), beggars and hopeless youth hang out. My kind of crowd: YEA God! I was praying. Jesus what do I talk about: What’s on Your heart? He told me to read Mt 4.17-ff and then said with a smile and a wink, “go and do like wise”. Uh, ok hmmm God. Well I decided I AM in Sudan, like WHAT do I have to loose? Go for broke. So I did.

The team set up their speakers and began to worship. I shared on “Changing the way you think because the realm and reality of heaven is so close you can touch it.” I only talked for a few minutes and then I asked the whole crowd of 500-600 people who had gathered, “Who wants the kingdom of heaven… Who wants to follow Jesus and live in the reality of the kingdom of heaven NOW?” Every single person I could see wanted Him—the whole crowd gave their lives to Jesus!!! Then we did a mass prayer for healing and deliverance and like 90% of them got healed on the first prayer. Up came a man named Joseph. He had a crutch and a broken ankle. We stopped and prayed he was totally and completely healed, with a big grin on his face. So YEA Jesus! HOORAY for GOD! Revival has a name. Today it was Joseph.

Love has a face. Ours. Many think revival is about huge meetings of hundreds of thousands. That’s part of it. But my favorite stories of revival are the ones like Joseph and Danny. My favorite stories are of precious ones who are shown the face of Jesus because we stop for the one. We may be the only opportunity for some to see the face of God. Do we look like Jesus? Do we give His love a face that a hungry, hurting, dying world can see and recognize?

I learned this week about shifting an atmosphere through the message we release. But it is not just about bringing a good message. It is about becoming the message we bring. It is about being a face and an embrace for His love poured out. It is about giving a name to the nameless, stopping to love the one in front of us until they are so transformed by love they stop for the one in front of them. It is about so living inside God’s heart, our very presence literally creates an atmosphere that attracts heaven.

Thank you for standing with us in prayer. I know He will be all I need and that a full-on overhaul from heaven is coming my way! I am resting in His grace, trusting in His love and taking each day as it comes until it arrives.

Love in Jesus,