Promises for 2008


At the close of the year last night, I was worshipping in my room and I saw Jesus come stand before me with an angel named Kairos. The angel had a scroll of nations and tribes listed on it. Jesus went on to say Psalm 2:8 in 2008—ASK of Me and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession.

So right before midnight and the year’s changing, I broke out our infamous shower curtain world map- laid it on the ground and all the kids who were still awake and mamas and I gathered around it. I asked them which nations they wanted for Jesus… and they each picked one or two or three—our guard John wants Mozambique! Archangelo wants Brazil. Beida wants the UK… Others China, India, Egypt, Chad, Sudan of course, etc. We waited and counted down 3-2-1 (talatta, itniin, wahid) and right at the turning of the year all shouted out our nations. And piled onto the map to pray. It was so much fun! And a picture of what I feel like Jesus desires this year.

Then this morning we had new years prayers… Patrick (our Sudanese director) was preaching. He preached a short little message on coming to Jesus and resting from Mt 11 and 2/3rds of the place rushed the altar to receive Jesus. Including the adults who did not know Him yet! We were beside ourselves and we had a packed house with neighbor kids. In the worship our two eldest began to flow spontaneously like they have heard me do on occasion. For about 5 minutes they just sang their hearts to Jesus and His Presence really came. We are so grateful to Him for His beauty and faithfulness.

Last night, Jesus gave me a list of 8 promises for a new day in 2008 as I was praying. Again this angel called Kairos pulled out a different scroll from Ps 2:8 with them written on it in flaming letters. The bolded words are what was written there, the text following my sense regarding them…


This is a kairos time of leaning into His embrace like never before. Jesus reminded me of what HE has been teaching me that it is not about a place, but His embrace. That it is not simply in this day about finding to geographical place of outpouring so to speak, but rather leaning so far into His embrace we never find our way out again! This is a time He is going to so embrace His people that we get lost in His heart and from there, thrust out into the harvest.


It is a season of establishing and being set in place by Jesus. Set in place in Him and set in place by Him as we are found in His embrace. We can’t establish ourselves and that which we try to establish apart from His embrace, will not stand. I got the sense self-promotion was really going to be dealt with strongly in this time. God is calling us to a place of even more radical humility, which is really allowing HIM to establish the works of our hands as we simply trust Him.

Ps 90:17 And let the beauty of the LORD our God be upon us, And establish the work of our hands for us; Yes, establish the work of our hands.


As we let HIM set us in place and set in place that which concerns us, unprecedented acceleration is going to begin to take place. We will find His glory stream, the current of His flow where it is easy in one sense because we just trust, but on the other, it calls for contending for intimacy like never before to stay there, especially as things move faster and fulfillment starts to unfold. As fruit begins to flow from intimacy, it is really important we press in to intimacy with Him and not be distracted by the results. Because this is a day fruit is going to become orchards as we find our home in His heart. We need to stay in His pace, knowing even if things look like they are passing us by externally, it takes one word from Him to catapult us where we could NEVER go in own efforts. And conversely, if things begin to accelerate concerning us, we can only stay the pace of His heart… regardless of external circumstances. Not staying in His pace opens the doors for striving, burnout and disappointment.


Gates of cities, regions, nations are going to begin to swing wide for the King of Glory… doors that have been closed in some cases for generations, will begin to open this year. The Bride is going to begin to discover her keys and how to use them.


It is imperative we rest in the unforced rhythms of grace this year. With all that will begin to unfold it would be easy to begin to begin to try and exert our own effort. Grace, grace grace is the word for 08. I sense there will also be a fuller release in the areas of grace giftings as well… things we have tried to operate in, we will begin to step into the promises. One definition of grace being “potency coming from God” As His power works in us, His glory will be seen through us. It is really important we allow His grace to flow from the INSIDE out so our character to carry this call is cemented in place.


A year of nations coming to the display of His glory in a people so in love with Jesus they are see-through. That those who have been in a large extent hidden in serving the King, will begin to be unveiled for such a time as this. The times of the unlikely and the unknown coming forth to step into who they were created to be in increasing measure. Across ALL age groups- it is an intergenerational unveiling- not confined to the young, but will come with the young linking arms and hearts with those who have gone before to walk TOGETHER into His dreams. It is a generation not defined by time or age but by CHOICE—the generation who seeks His face. Reciprocal honor will be a key here—honoring one another for who they are in Jesus. Not just honor given to the seen, but in even greater measure to the hidden—honor that is based on identity and intrinsic worth not position and title.

I might step on toes here but I do NOT believe we are ever called to be a nameless, faceless tribe—rather we are called to be a people living in the fullness of HIS NAME and becoming the FACE of His love. A people who so know who we are in Him and Who HE is in us- the power of His name, His identity and the character of His heart made real in and through us we become the visible expression of His beauty and love to the world around us. It is a people so secure in their identity in Him that through Him, they become the display of His glory in the earth.


Again it is imperative we keep our focus on Jesus… like Mary of Bethany and her alabaster box… a fixed gaze on the One Who is altogether lovely and altogether wonderful will be crucial to stay the course.


That this would be a time of another wave starting to come in of God’s Spirit… It has been building from the depths and carries intense revelation about the deep places of His heart and the ocean of His love. I really sense a preparation and positioning for an intercontinental release of His Spirit that builds on the revelations from TACF, IHOP and those in the mid 90s… bringing understandings of the Father heart and Bridal intimacy together to release a movement of Holy Glory Love that changes nations from the inside out- a Company that embraces His Mystery and exudes His majesty, revealing His heart and releasing His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven where ever they go. An Enoch company that shift atmospheres and carry the mandates of the former generations to the next level.

May this new year take you into the depth of His heart!