To See His Glory in Lives Consumed: Feb 08

>What does glory look like that is so deep that the experience of it covers the earth as waters the sea?

I was taken into a visitation on Sunday when I was in Miami in worship that undid me. It was one of those life-defining moments with Jesus. I was so undone it was hard to pull out of it to preach. When I get in the secret place of His Presence, I never want to leave! I saw thick, deep darkness pulsating over the face of the globe. In the darkness these see-through transparent lovers were waking up all over the planet. They were rubbing the sleep from their eyes. Wake up sleeping Bride!

The Son began to dawn IN them and because they were see-through; the glory light of love began to burst forth from their inner most beings. The carried the light of His glory- they carried His dawn into the darkness! They dispelled darkness just by showing up. Their lives were agents of atmospheric shift because they carried the realm of His glory IN them and it shone out through them. They had huge hearts that took up their whole chests that were on fire, literally burning and beating with His passionate love. They all had their gazes fixed on the Lamb- nothing could tear their eyes from the altogether lovely, beautiful One.

Where ever they followed Him, out of their inner most beings came rivers of life and love and glory and light and fire. Pulsating torrents out of their beings until the earth began to flood with this liquid glory love. THIS is the movement of Love! Watch out wastelands and warzones, the glory carriers are waking up all over the planet. Sons and daughters are waking up to their identities and destiny. The Bride is arising to not only to carry His glory into the darkness, but to carry His dawn of a new day and be the releasers of the river of His Presence where ever they go.

My 10 day trip was filled with promises of the deep places of His heart and Presence for me. This place of holy intimacy is truly the place all fruitfulness flows from. I have been reminded- eat and drink, eat and drink of Him- ENOUGH FOR A NATION!

We can’t carry this glory love, this glory light, this glory life unless we are first saturated and submerged in it. What happens when we are so consumed in love we are the see-through lovers of His heart? His light rises, His glory radiates and His Kingdom comes in and through our little lives completely given over to His Presence.

I arrived back to Africa to our Sudanese director still in the hospital battling problems with his neck. I spent 3 days last week soaking him in prayer. I am learning there is a rhythm of His Presence much like the rhythm of the ocean. Out to the depths to drink Him in and into the shore lines of nations and circumstances to pour out love on His feet in each person I meet. Out to be with Him, in to be with people. There is a holy, holy rhythm of love like a heartbeat. I am learning to soak and drink of Him so deeply I am saturated and then from THAT place step into the need that constantly pulls at me here.

Patrick is still waiting on the doctors to actually SEE him, for three weeks now. We are praying they come and see him and release him quickly with a good report. We really need him home and the delays have been frustrating to say the least. His roommate in the hospital had a leg that was horribly mangled and Jesus began healing it as we prayed and soaked him too. He was able to move his toes for the first time in 6 weeks and the color of his leg became totally healthy.

It is not a difficult thing to love the One who is altogether lovely! I bought every one soda today and said, well if we are all going to be in the hospital together we might as well have a party! I shared stories and testimonies and the room erupted in laughter—holy laughter so hard they were crying… wave upon wave came and I got to pray for everyone including the family members. It was such a honor and privilege. The little mamas gave me my first kawkwa name: Ajonyeh… full of joy, ever happy. I later found out upon returning to Yei, the literal translation of this kawkwa name is LOVE. YEA God!

As I visited the hospital each day, I kept seeing a precious blind lady begging at the gate. The third day, I tracked her down to pray for her. She knew Jesus already. Her name was Gloria. She was very happy for me to pray with her. We soon had a little crowd. The little white lady with one leg praying for this little blind lady kneeling together in the dirt… We were quite the pair. Well Gloria now can see—she went from no vision at all to describing colors of what we wore- who was sitting/squatting/kneeling where and how many fingers I held up. It was the look of awe on her face that made me know this was legit!

Jesus has been speaking to me about seeing His glory in lives laid down in love; the first blind person I personally have seen healed in Africa was named Gloria- glory. It is so prophetic, so incredibly prophetic! I got so excited I forgot to share with the crowd… but several hungry ones chased me down as I walked on a bit in a daze. Ooops. Later I found out the crowd was filled with Muslims and all the followers of Jesus were using this sign and wonder as a way to share His love with them. What an awesome God we have!