Eat More

>Asa, my little Asa-bug I call her (she reminds me a delicate little lady bug- I am so proud of her), one of four sisters who joined our family a year ago… she used to wriggle on the ground like a snake and flail and scream in worship tormented—now she’s worshiping, giggling and prophesying- at barely 3 years old, over her mama. She came up and as I was rocking Onzia to sleep tonight… She had her little spoon with her and stood on the step behind me so she was as tall as I was and she took her little spoon and kept pressing it to my mouth not satisfied until it went inside my mouth (who knows where else it has been!). “Mama,” she said in her best authoritative voice, “eat.” Akulu. So she fed me for a minute. Then she said, “NO, eat MORE. You need to eat more.” What am I eating I asked.

“Eat MORE”, as she barely let me get a word in as she put her little spoon in my mouth. This went on for like over 5 minutes- that is serious concentration for a three year old. Finally she took my face in her sweet little hands, looked deep into my eyes and said: Mama, akulu Jesua.

I EAT Jesus, I eat. Teach me to eat enough of You that nations might taste your goodness and feast on fresh bread from heaven.