A Tape Measure and A Machete

>Well dearly loved family, I never thought I could add land surveyor into my resume, but here it looks like anything is possible. After 3 trys at hiring contracted work to measure our land to no avail we finally set out a bush wacking ourselves to measure it. It was kind on important so we didn’t build our first Children’s house say in the ministry school area… I am pretty laid back but some things require a bit of planning.

So Tito, Eudita, Peter and your truly set off with a panga (machete), some paint, a hammer and of course: the measuring tool of choice, a 50 m tape measure.

Little white girl in a party skirt with a tape measure and a machete??? I don’t know why- I felt like dressing up today. Here we are… a measuring we will go. IT was so fun to walk and bless and dream and find out exactly how much land we were trusted with, by our OWN measuring. After seeing and measuring it, while less than we thought we had in the beginning- it is more than enough. We have the biggest compound in Yei. Talk about favor!

We laughed and sang and prayed. Then of course there was the friendly squatter who still had not left. We hadn’t paid him for his fruit trees yet. Did you know a half dead banana tree in Yei Sudan goes for a whopping 50 USD? Yessirre- you’d think his trees grew gold instead of fruit. But of course we negotiated him down about 5 dollars a tree and then had to agree. On the condition he would move tomorrow when he got paid.

Then we went onto our YCV site and chose the location for our very first house. This house will be for some of our babies and baby mamas. It was so so exciting. We drove a stake into the ground where the front right corner of the house will be and anointed it and prayed over it. What a day! I have to run and pack for my flight out tomorrow. But first- here they are, Eudita, Tito and Peter—with our stake-posing for all they’re worth.

So as in many parts of the world—if you want to get something done, you do it yourself!