Mama’s Day Multiplication


When everyone and their cousin prayed a multiplication anointing on me my last trip… hmmm this wasn’t exactly what I was envisioning. We have had THREE sets of twins brought to us today alone.

Two sets were older, 9 and 7 and we just have not a place for them but they are on an ever growing wait list with scheduled in home visits to see what else we could do for the family in the meanwhile. They are in no imminent danger and are being cared for well.

But these two little guys were another story. In fact their birth almost coincides day for day with the revival in Lakeland, FL I had the privilege of being at- double portion, couldn’t help thinking they are prophetic somehow.

These little guys were abandoned at birth and the village from a mountainous area 10 miles from here brought them to us. They did not even have names even until today. Their mama ran mad, father died and they were left to die. Again we physically have no space, but we had to do something. Our budget is maxed out too—but what do I have personal funds for BUT for times like this???

The man who brought them to us is a caregiver at our local clinic and reputable. He agreed to oversee their care with two VOLUNTEER mamas from the village that are not even related! That is a miracle in itself… We have bought them formula, medicines and bottles for a month with the agreement to take it one month at a time trusting Jesus to provide. The villagers had tears in their eyes. “You actually love our people,” they said. They shook their heads and hugged me. “Come and visit. Thank you for loving our people.” The man who brought them to us told us we were known in the area as the place for children who actually loves the people here. “I could feel it when I walked on your compound.” That undid me.

I had the honor of naming the twins- Dawudi (David) on the left and Benyamina (Benjamin) on the right. I am trusting Jesus will provide the extra $250 a month so we can continue to help these little ones through their infancy. I can’t send them home to die. I held them and it was love at first glance. So our In Community Care begins even before we planted the churches. I hope to go to the village and do outreach when I get back from visiting Patrick this weekend in S Africa.

Despite some heavy challenges, we are moving forward… and most importantly GOD is moving. Please keep our indigenous director Patrick in prayer as he is fighting aggressive inoperable cancer in S Africa. We are trusting Jesus for complete healing and supernatural breakthrough. Thank you for loving us and praying for us here.

Love in Jesus,