>Soaking in Sudan

>We did our first “soaking” time with our kids- AFTER they all stopped giggling and then we had them drawing what they saw. I was so blessed…

Two saw a church with many colors- a rainbow church (they have no idea what our name means, Iris means rainbow in Portuguese)

Seven saw/drew angels in heaven with wings flying

One saw the power of the Holy Spirit falling on us and drew picture of an African angel that looks a lot like Gordon, our delivery angel…

Two saw doves in heaven

One drew a picture of a heart with a tree growing out of it

Three drew pictures of fruitfulness

Several of village scenes of our new village to come (they had brick houses not mud ones) and apparently we will have a bus too 😉

One had a vision of preaching

One saw a mug filled with God they were to drink

Another had God give them something to drink from a beautiful jeweled rainbow flask

One saw Jesus as a beautiful flower

Five saw pictures of God’s heart of love: One wrote in English no less “Jesus showed me His heart and told me He loved me and showed me an angel with white clothing”