>The Storm Dancers


can you see them?

the storm dancers and light carriers

they step out on the waves

letting the momentum move them

deeper, higher

into the heart of love.

no darkness can deter them

no shadow can distract them

their gaze is steady



on the one they follow

his path leads through the sea

and where he goes they go

in a wild procession of joy.

even in the midst of the night

the light carriers bring

the dawn with them.

storm? what storm?

all they see is a distortion of

the real.

you see a storm

they see an invitation

to dip and dive, spin and twirl

into fearless abandonment.

could the wind move you

farther in?

could the waves propel you

deeper still?

could the storm carry you

higher yet?

till heaven is your measure

and atmospheres


from the inside out.

if we have authority over

the storms we can sleep through,

WHAT about the

storms we can dance in?

-MP 6 June 2008