Inspired by The Shack…


find me home again
resting between angel wings
carried on the song of the one
whose breath is wind

his whisper shatters darkness
his laughter scatters night
into fragments
dissolving before the dawn

i lay me down
in arms i was created for
i wake to the light of his face
love’s gaze firmly wrapped
around my heart

so find me home again
resting between angel wings
carried by the breath of one,
his song dancing on wind



you find me where i hide
and hide me in you
you gently take the lies
and bathe them in truth
into the darkness
you come as the light
chasing away the shadows,
voices of the night
you fill all the silence
with a love song
you fill all the absence
the places where i long
safe, safe arms you hold me
like i’ve never been held before
rock me, sing me, spin me
you give me wings to soar.



long have i loved you
voice of truth in my night
song in my silence
breath that lets me fly
into heaven’s embrace.

long have i loved you
but i did not know how to describe
color, presence, motion, light:
interwoven mystery
ever-present with me
but sometimes just beyond the edges
of my awareness.

even longer have i loved you.
i whispered your destiny into being
before you were.
i shouted your freedom
before you chose the chains.
i wrapped my song around your soul
and collected every tear from your eyes.

even longer have i loved you
i breathed life on your garden inside
order in chaos
creation in waiting
healing to your fractured ground.

long have i loved you
surround me with fire colors
fill me with desire’s wind
blow me straight into your heart
where i can see again.

i want to dance with you
on the storm waves
i want to sing with you
through the desert wastes
i want to fly with you
till i’m face to face

long have i loved you
even longer have you loved me
could we show the world together
what it looks like to live free?



JOY explodes forth
waterfalls collide
echoing in the canyons
of forever
waves from the depths
break over gilded chains
until they become
dust blown away
by the wind.

deeper than understanding
bigger than impossibility
stronger than the unknown

joy shakes
the thresholds of prisons
at midnight
and whispers freedom
to those
who have ears to hear.

— MP