>Greetings from Ghana


Ghana has been amazing so far! Two more days to go. I have met so many precious people, was met on the jet way AT the plane and ushered through the diplomatic channel by our hosts. My first full day in country, I got to plant a church in a bar- salvations/healings galore. I didn’t know it was a bar… A little slow on the uptake. It would explain all the drunk folks falling on their faces at my feet repenting wanting to be set free from alcohol though. I told the interpreter WOW a lot of people in that restaurant that were drinking very early in the day. He looked at me and says- “Ummm Michele that was a bar… you just planted a church in a bar.” OHHH… really? Wow go God! All I knew was I got to hold a precious little girl with horrible scabes and pray for her and see lots of folks get healed and loved and meet Jesus. That’s what I call a good day.

The little boy with his arm lifted just got prayer for a broken arm and all the pain left. He was swinging it around with great joy. I love street outreach…

The battle continues health wise for me. Not being able to consistently hold food for now about 3 weeks is bound to have some side effects. I had about a 2 day window I thought I was on the upswing but then it slammed back in Uganda with a vengeance. I actually checked myself out of the hospital in Kampala AMA in true Baker/Iris/Perry style and got on the plane in faith.

I have been continuing a regular schedule and even when I got so sick they called the doctor for an emergency consult at the crusade grounds, I still went anyway. I was kicking the devil in the head by being there. I didn’t care if I did spend the whole night ill, I was there. I was there and was breaking ground for when I came the next night to speak. I was the opener for the main guy and we saw 100s give their lives to Jesus and some really cool healings/miracles. And I got to lay hands and pray for every child in the meeting which you KNOW made my day to look into their eyes and tell them in Ga how much Jesus loved them (one of my 4 new phrases in Ga and Twi I had the hotel guards teach me my first morning here).

I took today off though b/c they are off to do manual labor and apart from supernatural strength I need to pace myself. We are staying in a hotel that has running water and I wanted to enjoy my surroundings. Not often you stay in BETTER accommodations on a mission trip than where you live. But improving conditions from Sudan is not a hard thing! Spoke to about 1000 pastors on carrying the glory on Wedn AM, running to the ends of the earth as the servant lovers that Papa’s house might be full from Lk 14. I wish I could have captured their expressions to see the little white gal from Sudan. They didn’t know what to do, except say yes to Jesus again.

The doctors here have me on yet more meds and antibiotics to try and kill whatever infection this is! So YEA God! Kill the bad bugs! It has been a real blessing to be here with the team and I so appreciate my new growing family of Ghanaian and American friends.

Love and hugs from Ghana, Michele