>The Light of the Father

>We just took in our 84th child today—I think I have a penchant for prophetic babies. Every single one of our littlest ones have been a message of God’s heart to me. From our first Immanuel (that God is with us) to Vicki Joy (being victorious through Joy) to each one we have gotten to name and call forth their destinies.

Jesus has been speaking to me about His Bride being light in darkness and hiding in the light as we dance through the storm and a Bride that burns with His heart and brings His oil from Zechariah. Last week Jesus had whispered to my heart He was bringing us a very special little baby girl soon. Inside I was elated as all my littlest girls are growing up and becoming rambunctious toddlers.

Today Nura Aba (Light of the Father) who is the happiest 6 month old little bundle of love you’d ever want to meet came to live with us. She’ll be sleeping with me and two of our other mamas when I am not here. Her mom hung herself Sunday night. She had a complication from giving birth and was in severe pain- the doctors told her that her uterus was rotting inside of her and she would die. She walked 2 days from the hospital in Congo to return home to a village near Yei and committed suicide 2 days later. The papa was a disabled soldier who had no way to care for her—there were no living relatives on the moms side and the dads side refused to even see her. I took one look at her and fell in love. How could you not… I could not send her home to a death sentence. She’s my little promise from heaven.

There are so many of the little guys I’d love to adopt fully and take with me everywhere. I so want to take Nura with me to Moz next week! At this point, I can’t imagine not seeing them all grown up loving Jesus one day and changing nations. I am so proud of my kiddos. We took a team of them to do outreach tonight in a little village and half the crowd came forward to receive Jesus ( like 15 people- it was a small crowd) and several were healed of various things. One lady said—“ohhhh the pain is gone but it feels like fire. WHAT is that? But the pain is going” 😉

Viola (11 yrs) preached before me… about 5 lines but it is a start. We were playing around yesterday after family prayers and she grabbed a piece of wood like a microphone and started preaching. It was so anointed I asked her- honey can you share at the outreach? She is SUCH a fireball. “Alleluia. We are ready to hear the word of the Lord. If you are here, Jesus wants to heal you. If you are not here Jesus still wants to heal you. He will heal the blind and open the ears of the deaf today. He loves you and wants you to know stealing is bad and so is poisoning people. Amen.”

Our kids led worship. Everyone was amazed that these children had been orphaned but were now a family and how they loved Jesus and one another. They had never seen anything like it they said. Patrick is still in a lot of pain but his spirit amazes me and his joy challenges me. I seem to have an undiagnosed somewhat resistant bacterial gut infection and am on more antibiotics to try and kill the bad bugs.

Thank you for your prayers… please keep ‘em coming. I head to Mozambique to teach in the Iris Harvest School of Missions and take a week to rest in a few days.

Hugs and love,