>Waters of Healing, Rivers of Life


012.jpgBeloved, love and hugs from Sudan. The Iris Harvest School outreach team has been such a huge blessing as their stay continues on here for one more week. Seven daring lovers of Jesus have travelled all the way from Mozambique to join us as we follow the Lamb as He seeks out the one, or the multitude to pour His love out on.

We opened the well we put in for the community associated with our land that had been cursing us and had the joy to watch their hearts change right in front of our eyes. I stepped off the camion and an elder came up “You deceiver” (we had been told the wrong time and they were waiting as we arrived late). Lovely greeting. I apologized profusely and we went to open the well. Jesus showed me their hearts and what had been done to them as a village and I told them what I saw. They were shocked I would see such. Then we went on and spoke about living water and how it was not an ngo or an organization that brought the well to them but God’s love. As soon as the elders drank the water, the atmosphere shifted and they began to bless us and thank God. 30 seconds after the water hit the ground rain showers began like a gentle rain from heaven of blessings to wash away the barrenness and curses of the land. I can’t really convey how significant the time was. In all of their history they had never seen a practical display of love before.

Because of the rain we had to take shelter in a local denominational church (often hostile to the gospel)- but dancing and singing and celebration broke out and no one wanted to leave and we prayed for the sick and they saw healings for the first time in that area. Then we got stuck in the mud and there was a whole prophetic lesson on that but I’ll save that for another time. Suffice it to say it was the Sudanese Spa experience for our team: a mud bath, followed by strength training (trying to dislodge a 4 ton truck), topped off by a cold mineral shower from heaven.

007.jpgToday we had outreach at payawat—scores of folks, some who were virtually blind with walking sticks, got healed and the village chiefs are begging us to come back. So we are Saturday. People have given their lives to Jesus and his love is breaking forth with healings and supernatural demonstrations. The twin baby boys that were dying are now gaining weight and the village is calling it a miracle. We are believing to start an Iris Harvest Fellowship there this weekend. I am so excited to be home in Sudan with my children… the village is so beautiful and peaceful I might see about building a mud hut I can escape to and just be with people. I love being out in the bush with people.

The team from Harvest School is awesome. It even looks like one of the girls, Jennie, will be staying on longer for us to test out how it works for her to be my PA. She can also take awesome pictures!!! That is hugely an answered prayer! My health is doing well for the first time in months. Patrick on the other hand is declining rapidly—one side of his face is palsied/paralyzed now and he has trouble speaking. It breaks my heart but we are doing all we can do to stand with him and soak him in prayer and fight for his healing. It is a really hard thing and because I love him and Betty so much it makes it all the harder. He will be traveling to S Africa this week for further consultation. It is unlikely the doctors can do anything more yet we will try. But Jesus… He is our only answer now.

beachheidime.jpgMy recent time in Pemba came to a close as quickly as it started. It was awesome. Jesus has done amazing crazy wonderful things in my heart there. I am sure they are only beginning. It was a whirlwind trip with really hard heart searching moments, and such precious outcomes.

I finally realized I have total backing and complete freedom to be me and soar into God’s dreams for Sudan and beyond. And Jesus showed me as much as I desire to learn from the Bakers in every encounter and bit of time I have with them… only He can tell us what needs to be done in Sudan or even really mentor this process, because what we are doing here- has never been done before. Period. Only Jesus can lead us into where we need to go. Iris just wants us to be free to follow Him and love people. I am beyond blessed to be in such a ministry family. I love them deeply and find it an honor to have such precious people to stand with and serve alongside.

In the time there, it has really been settled in my heart that I actually DO hear God. My encounters and experiences are not some imaginary hype or manufactured vision or sweet little nice suggested redeemed guided imagery. They are God and they are real and I am hearing Him. More clearly than I ever dreamed. He really is leading us and it is SO good!!!!!! It is really really really real! While there, I was taken into the most intense visionary encounter I have had in months and months.

I was standing in a vast harvest field just before dawn with Jesus and it panned out and I saw it was in the shape of the nation of Sudan. Jesus looked into my eyes and said, “You have committed to five years-you know the cost. Will you commit your life here? Can I give this harvest field to you? Will you make this field your home?”

I could not see the harvest except when bombs in the distant lit up the darkness, but I could feel it around me. It was so dark and bombs were falling and bullets flying. He looked into my eyes again and said, “A plan will never reap this harvest but a dance will.”

003.jpgHe grabbed my hands like when you cross arms and hold hands and twirl… It was so wild and violent I had no time to think even- it was all I could do to focus on His face, it was the only thing I could look at, He was all I could see. As we twirled together through this harvest field it created whirlwinds that dispelled the bombs and bullets. The people held their guns by the barrels and slung them over the harvest and they transformed into sickles. The whirlwinds gathered the harvest together in thousands and thousands of bundles that just kept multiplying so fast no one could count them.

Then the Sonrise broke and Jesus rose in all of His glory as Sun of Righteousness over Sudan with healing in His wings. This shout arose behind me and I looked and there was an army so vast, with so many people I could not count them and they danced into the darkness to carry His dawn, His glory fire of love. The children I had picked up from the darkness were now leading the charge grown up radiant and shining… they carried his glory and only heaven could tell how many there were.

It was defining pivotal time… Jesus is so so good! Thank you for your prayers. So with more admin help I actually get to be on this computer less. It makes me so so happy to have more time to be with my kiddos and to be OUT loving people. I am so very proud of our kids… they lead our worship and prayer times even on outreach. And they truly love and care for one another as well as our visitors. Our visiting team has been blown away. Here are some additional woth a few thousand words …

Thank you once again for standing with us as we dance into God’s dreams for our nation. May you live every day inside His beautiful heart of love.

Love in Jesus,


001.jpg Me with our three lead Harvest Alliance pastors: Noel, John, Steven

004.jpg Alissa, one of our Harvest School team, and Onzia

005.jpg Our first completed YCV house on our land, to the tune of 10,000 US Dollars. The economy here is nuts. But God is providing! Seven more to go by year end in faith.

006.jpgVillage ladies praying

008.jpgPreaching in Payawat

010.jpg Joyful worship in the rain…

013.jpg At the well opening for Logo.

011.jpg I will clap Hosanna, bowing down before the Lord of Glory, I will clap hosanna.

014.jpg Katerina and me on the beach—I love the Arco Iris kids! I took several of the girls out for beach days and it was probably my favorite time there…

015.jpg Jennie, part of my new PA team, and me in Pemba at the Iris Harvest School Graduation