>To Ombasi… and Beyond



I pray this finds you being overwhelmed with the love of our Jesus! Our outreaches here have been phenomenal- hundreds collectively receiving the love of Jesus one life at a time. Thank you so much for your love and prayers as they are such an integral part of all that happens here.

The Iris Harvest School team was a great blessing and we look forward to hosting our 2nd outreach in December. Our 11 days were filled to the brim of scores of hurting, needy people to share the love of Jesus with as we followed Him into some of the darkest places we could find.

We took off for our farthest point, Ombasi, 21 miles away, 8 miles from the Congo border near the mountainous jungles of NE DRC. We had only made it 6 miles or so when we got stuck in the mud- which was a repeated occurrence. Sweet Jesus bring us 2 Land Cruisers! But our lorry, Midnight Glory, has been a trooper. What should come but a huge tractor to pull us out! Jesus is no longer allowing His church or His glory to be stuck in the mud and He is going to use the harvest to do it!

We arrived several hours late to Ombasi to an agitated crowd of several hundred. But when asked much the group prayed to receive Jesus and we had the joy to see the blind/visually impaired see and the deaf hear! Lame legs were healed and chronic pain vanished as Jesus poured out His tangible love on the peoples there. Several even on the team had nearsightedness improve so much they could not use their glasses. Jesus was speaking about healing the vision of His Bride here and He sure did demonstrate it practically!

We tented in the police headquarters overnight and the next morning another crowd assembled for more prayer before we headed out to stop #2, Morosak. There we were greeted by Frango, the area government director with wide open arms. Jesus has been speaking to me about a movement of love that would rival in scope and intensity even the grass roots army movement here- where should we have happened to camp and do our first ever overnight outreach but the former headquarters and birthplace of the spla? Somehow it was all prophetic. Frango was so kind and welcoming, he practically adopted me as his younger daughter and told me they want to build me a mud hut there. Framed by mountains and junglish bush, it is a peaceful beautiful place despite its history. I am praying once we have several more on base here that can run things in my semi-absence that early next year I can disappear for 2 months with a few of my children over their holidays into the bush to really learn local language completely immersed without the distractions of computer or email. I’ll have my very own mut hut 😉

We had the honor to pray for the community leaders as well as see many get healed. It was awesome to be a part of. Then it was on the third day to Payawa again where they asked us to return. Many more were healed and the Holy Spirit fell on our children as they led worship. It was my great joy to see my children ministering with our IHS team to the peoples there. No one has ever seen healing outreaches like this and several of the places want fellowships started! In between, I went to do a local ladies meeting in village and everyone we prayed for was healed and many of the men who had come in on the end, go set free and gave their lives to Jesus. YEA God!

Then Sunday, we welcomed our first Iris Harvest Revival Alliance Church into our family. The Yei Community Presbyterian Church pastored by John, Noel and Steven became our first IHRA church. To honor the diversity of the fellowships that already do exist but that want to affiliate with something greater unto a sweeping movement of God’s love and the Holy Spirit throughout Sudan, we were led to create the Iris Harvest Revival Alliance that gathers like-hearted churches to join together for revival in this land. This is in addition to planting Iris Harvest Fellowships. So we are gathering and planting. It is a beautiful thing to link arms together for the harvest and the fulfillment of John 17!

It has been an incredible time… a week from tomorrow we start our first 4-day discipleship weekend for 8-10 of the ones who gave their hearts to Jesus over the last weeks. Through this we will begin to identify potential leadership candidates for further training who might start simple fellowships that gather the those who also came into the Kingdom on outreach. We are going one step at time wanting to lay a foundation that is solid and sustainable led of the Spirit with fruit that remains unto transformation of the entire community with the love of God.

So WHAT a two weeks in Sudan! In a few weeks I am heading to Juba to begin to look into starting a church on the garbage dump there with the children, meet with other churches that are interested in the IHRA as well as have a meeting with government officials to begin to build relationships there and start planning a national prayer assembly in the first half of next year to take place in the parliament building, at least in part.

Patrick is not doing well as you have probably heard. He is in South Africa… we are planning to fast Tues-Wedn-Thurs next week for him as a family. Jesus is the only one who has answers truly in all this and we look to him.

Thank you again for your love and prayers. We love you so much and are so grateful for you hearts to stand with us as we dance with Jesus through the harvest to find His lost Sudanese Bride. Jennie Joy, one of our visiting team members, is staying on for a 2 month trial as my pa. So many of you will likely begin to be hearing from her as well on my behalf. I am so blessed to see how Jesus will lead us together as well look to Him.

Love and hugs, Michele