>What Does Revival Look Like?

>In the swirling aftermath of myriads of responses and reflections hitting my inbox regarding the outpouring at Lakeland, I am again led to revisit the question:

What does revival really look like?

My thoughts here are in no way a commentary on recent events with what became termed as the Lakeland Outpouring. I went and during my time there, I did personally meet with Jesus and was really blessed. I also met many hungry people also seeking His face. I am not entering into the debate. I don’t have time to- there are too many people who need to meet the One who has captured my heart and stolen my gaze to entertain that.

But again this season in the spirit does indeed call us to fix our gaze on the One who alone is altogether lovely and the bringer of Revival. His name is Jesus and HE is jealous for a pure spotless Bride from every tribe, tongue and nation. He is jealous for our affection. He is jealous for our attention. He is jealous for our gaze.

Personally, I want no distraction. I want no other but Him whom my heart longs after. I want every supernatural reality He calls me to walk in, but I desire above all else to be found in His heart.

Revival looks like a little child who has clean water to drink… who no longer has to drink from disease ridden stagnant cesspools, but who now has clean flowing waters tapped from the depths of God’s heart to drink that bring life into places of death. Wells of life opened, wells of salvation and healing released. It is the face of love in action bringing change from the inside out. It looks like the King bringing His inside out, upside down Kingdom where we lose to gain and we die to live. (Thank you Misty 😉 )

Maybe revival looks different each time it comes? Did Jesus ever heal the same way twice? The Kingdom is profoundly simple and utterly unpredictable. Sort of like the wind… there was something about that in the Book. Sometimes it is loud. Sometimes it is seen. Often it is quiet. Often it is hidden and only recognized after the fact for what it is. But it is always Love. Love is His meaning. He has no other.

What would a movement of Love look like that was so supernatural that a nation was changed by those who dared to dance in doorways of death and call forth unstoppable life?

My encounters with various movements in the last 15 years, have left me deeply grateful for what God allowed me to encounter of His heart in each, but yet longing for more. It is Him alone that satisfies.

I have struggled to connect at times in meetings everyone was calling mountain top experiences of their corporate encounters. Jesus has told me to go to places to receive from streams that were out of my comfort zone at best. And because I was hungry for Him, I went! Sometimes He met me powerfully, sometimes quietly; but HE always met me. And there have been times, His Presence has been utterly overwhelming in completely unexpected places. I am learning I don’t have to wait and look for a place of outpouring to receive from Him, we are called to so pursue His Presence and be so saturated with His Spirit that our very lives become epicenters of His outpouring.

I don’t just want to attend a revival or participate in a revival meeting. I want to live in revival and carry His glory into the darkness. Yet my heart is a bit sad at times… in the midst of the unprecedented hunger for the supernatural, power and signs, in many places Love is very hard to find. We can have faith and signs and wonders and all the stuff, but if we don’t have Love, we are missing it. We may be in danger of missing Him.

I have been privileged to see the blind see, the deaf hear, paralytics walk- but the greatest miracles of all I have seen come through His Love being poured out on broken hearts and lives. What is the Glory realm if it is not the realm of supernatural love? The weighty heavy Presence of His Glory Love. Miracles happen through power encounters, but I have yet to see a power encounter devoid of a love encounter sustain them.

After lamenting having missed Toronto’s heyday ( in 94 I was 16 in FL and knew nothing about it), Jesus reminded me again it was not about a place but an embrace. It is about being placed in His embrace where we become a living breathing encounter of His heart to the world. That is what revival looks like. A people one with the heart of God who live from heaven to earth and see His Kingdom come through their lives laid down in love every day.

That is what I am contending for. To be so one with Jesus, that I am consumed in His love, that I am see-through in His love and when the world looks at me they see the One Who lives in me. That is what I long for. What would a see-through transparent Bride with a fixed gaze on her King mean to the world around her?

That is my goal. Total and utter consumption by His fiery gaze of love until all I am is found in all He is and His love permeates every part of me and changes the atmosphere around me to look like heaven’s reality.

I have seen glimpses. My children, once orphaned, now adopted laying hands on the blind and watching their eyes come into focus. Seeing those who have never known love melt in His Presence. Watching sons and daughters discover His dreams and destiny for them.

We see miracles and signs and wonders and are grateful for and amazed by His beauty displayed in every one of them. But the greatest miracle of all, the greatest revival sign of all is a life transformed by His love that will not be confined, contained or controlled.

This Lion of the tribe of Judah Who roars great cries of freedom across the shackles that bind our hearts and Who whispers love songs in the silence of our darkest nights- His Love, Who He is, is in no way tame- but He is in all ways Good.

May the coming revival that shakes the nations from the inside out be known for Love and may it be carried in a company of those not known for their crowns or success, but their King.

Running into His heart-