>When Movements Become Monuments

> A friend emailed me a few weeks ago with some thought inspiring questions. The organizationally challenged person that I am, his email just now a month later got found in the recesses of my inbox. His thoughts provoked me to more of my own dialogue with Jesus and well here you have the result. Keep in mind this was typed with a two year old on my lap trying to play discover and land on my keyboard.

I talk a lot about movements. Releasing a movement. Catalyzing a movement. Seeing a movement born. I never realized till the said email appeared in my inbox that the word movement meant anything more than something that moved. Seeing as I have named this little blog- LOVE IS THE MOVEMENT. Maybe it would be nice to clarify what in the bejeebers does this mean. Maybe. Here are some thoughts…

Movement: favorite Michele usages- welcome to my personal lexicon.

  1. noun/verb: movements of His heartbeat all over the earth- organic indigenous expressions of His love that sweep through nations and change them from the inside out.
  2. noun: the movement of His heartbeat that drawn us into Him and propels us out to the nations
  3. noun: the movement of His Spirit
  4. noun: the act of moving according to what He is doing in the moment- the act of people following Him together- to follow the Lamb where ever He goes
  5. noun/verb: the act and result of living in love and being compelled by His compassion.
If I speak of leading people in a movement, I am talking about leading people into an encounter with the movement of His heartbeat through my actions, my choices, my lifesong that create an opportunity for them to become His encounter of love to world around them. I don’t mean a big organizational something ala campaign or grass roots anything (no slogans and hype-just real)- I don’t even know how to organize my day half the time… my admin team has their hands full keeping track of me. I float… 😉 That too is movement. Maybe we should call it the FLOW of His LOVE. We flow, we float, we fly and no I am not doing the dance from Sound of Music when writing this, though the tune is flitting through my head.

When I think of movements-I think of revivals, awakenings, outpourings some that had men and women that were used as catalysts but all of which that overtook the lives who were used to spark them. It is about the movement of the Spirit not the movement of man. Many movements of have seen beautiful things restored to the Body, but the man centered superstar my-corner-of-the-kingdom stuff has GOT to go!

We have this frightening tendency to take the movement of His Spirit and turn it into a monument of our own efforts, ministry names or organizations. Why? Is it a need to control? Is it because our unhealed places gravitate towards the security of the known and the seen? Only Jesus knows. But when movements become monuments they die. They become immobilized and begin to be spoken about in past tense. When we try to take a piece of a movement and add our monument to it, we present a place for others to stumble and trip. Many speak of movements but the movements are no longer moving- they are static. When we try to take ownership of His movement, even in the name of ministry, it becomes our monument. Many movements have become monuments to the men that were trusted at least in part to steward them or to the revelation they were entrusted to carry.

Does that mean they were failures? I don’t think so. Many saw geuine truths and seasons of freedom restored to parts of the Bride. Many were further glimpses for a time into the heart of our King. Some were neither. But all were an opportunity. How would we respond? All were a litmus test of our own heart motives. Can we carry His glory but not touch it. Were the results the best or what God had originally intentioned? In many cases probably not. But He used them and the broken vessels that they were poured through.

A movement ala monument is not my aim. LOVE is. Love is His meaning. Love is His movement. It is His love that never fails. And His love alone. Bottom line- I want people to meet Jesus and fall in love with the One who is my everything.

It is my deep, deep desire to see GOD release the movement of HIS heart in every tribe and tongue. Not having much exposure to common lingo (after 2 years in the bush I am even mixing my metaphors in atrocious ways and have a Sudanese accent most of the time) I don’t know what others mean but that’s my take on it. I don’t have time for anything else. My only goal is to love- to love people and do what Papa is doing- if He wants me seen, that’s fine- if He wants me hidden, awesome- if he wants me to hide in a mud hut, I would rejoice; to stand on a stage, I’ll celebrate- I just want to be where He is doing what He’s doing fulfilling the dreams of His heart every day going low and staying close.

All I want is the movement of His love flowing through my little life to the people around me. The movement is not a man or a message or a method: the movement is Love, it is a heartbeat, a rhythm. The only thing to be engaged is His heart. He’ll do the rest. Selah.