Walking… we do it mostly without thinking… Unless we are still learning.

My little guys remind me every day of my own walk. Learning to follow the Lamb where ever He goes.

I don’t always understand the terrain around me, but His hand firmly holding mine keeps me upright.

One step at a time I am walking into His dreams. How did I get where I am? I took one step with Him, and then another and yet another.

I let Him lead. He knows where I am going. I am learning the life of a child. And the world’s greatest teachers live in my house.

His hand in mine and my heart in His, I am learning what it means to love in the face of fear and hatred, opposition and war; to dance through storms, to stand in the darkness and each day explore more of His Kingdom on earth.

In short, I am learning to walk all over again. Into the realm for which I was created.