>meeting god

>unexpected his presence creeps in around
the edges of my awareness
slowly surrounding me with the
weight of his being

pulsing uncreated love
never defiled by anything less,
never polluted with anything else.

simplicity that defines the profound
mystery that provokes majesty
vision unveiled that
whispers great cries from the
depths of what is eternal

the sight of child,
the trust of innocence restored
capturing wonder in the every day
finding treasures in rubbish heaps
playing with angels
discovering LIFE
unmoved by the seen
compelled by the invisible

dancing in darkness
singing in silence
unconcerned with who hears
careless of their critiques
standing in storms
leaning into the wind that blows
and stirs the embers
of forgotten dreams

daring to see in a sightless world
oblivious to the shouts
demanding normality

choosing rather to live on the edge
between the now and the not yet
and embrace the steps of faith…

in a whisper
in a song
in a breath
in a prayer


he IS

how do you meet God?