>Field of Promises

I was praying today and God reminded me of a special time I had with Him earlier this year.

As I prayed, I saw myself lying in this field with misty rain mingled with bright sunshine and a harvest of dancing rainbows. An angel picked one up and handed it to me as a living animated streamer and everywhere I danced, earth got colored with heaven.

Could it be that it is all about the romance of the Gospel, the dance of God’s promises in the earth? Then all of the sudden all of these children from many races and tribes and nations were dancing with me in this field each with a flaming rainbow streamer.

The flood gates of His glory love were opened and we all spilled forth like a mighty wave to many nations and places of deepest darkness. As we worshiped twirling with these banners, again heaven colored earth with radiant glory and limitless love.

There is a storehouse in God’s heart of rainbows, promises released into places of storms, and a generation of children and childlike hearts who will carry them into the darkness.

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