>Through the Lens of Love

>Here I am with Naonja from Eastern Equatoria and a photo captured during our day long video shoot. How fun it was! We are planning to start a you-tube video diary several times a year as we can send clips back on disk to have them uploaded. They will then be integrated to our websites and blogs.

But today got me to thinking. Video and cameras can paint a picture creating their own reality and often do. That is why we like to go to movies right?

What would the world look like if our only lens was love?

I don’t know, but I certain it would be a very different world than we typically see every day. Or perhaps the world would be the same, but it would be us who change in the way we see it. That might ultimately lead to changing the world.

I want eyes that see through His limitless love. No case too impossible, no situation too far gone, no child invisible, no life untouchable. I want my world to be framed by faith and edited by mercy. I want my vision to be filtered through the eyes of eternity and captivated by the heart of the One Who is my life.

Ah musings and movie time in Sudan! Who would have thought the bombed out mortar shocked shell of a building would be the perfect place for a video and photo shoot. It is all in how you look at it. The right perspective makes even the ruins around us become beautiful places of His potential and promise.

More from our world to yours coming soon!

Love and hugs from Sudan-Michele