>A Song of Love

When I was at the MOW conference I met a DEAR little 7 year old boy who came and sang and prayed over me at one of the meetings… he undid me and was my precious friend. His family regularly prays for us in Sudan! Thank blesses me more than I can say…

Here is a photo his mom sent me of the revivals he holds- apparently all the big names are there along with those of us he has just met and loved. Heidi is a little chickadee and I am a green tree frog somewhere in the menagerie. He comes up with daily reports of healings and miracles.

In the middle of me missing my kiddos he decided my lap was his favorite conference seat and snuggled in for the duration. He would take my face in his little hands, look deep into my eyes and say, “WOW Papa sure loves you” and then lean his head back on my shoulder.

That was after he sang, “You’re a light in the darkness. I’m sending you as a light into the darkness. I am sending you to shine… shine, shine, shine.”

Wowie Papa, I sure do love You too…