>Echoes No Longer

>It is so good to be home in Sudan after a little more than a month of the tour de whirlwind in the USA through more than 11 locations. But the greatest journey has been internal, not external.

I have discovered more of who I am and who I am not. I have found my voice in the process and I have learned some very valuable lessons.

Religion is adept and building boxes for our hearts and selling them as subprime real estate deals. Even well-intentioned expectations and comparisons can put us at risk of becoming an echo of someone else’s song and never releasing the sound God has created us to carry. Jesus desires a choir of voices each singing their own parts in harmony not a company of people trying to echo one another.

This time my coming home to Sudan has been filled with challenges. I am realizing that my being here is joy, but it is only possible through grace. We really are in primitive conditions and it is difficult. And that it is ok to be real about that with myself and with others. I don’t have to secretly hope a wonder woman suit will appear in my cupboard. 😉 I am not sure I could pull that fashion statement off even if I wanted to!

It has also been a time of milestones. My first book is finished and sent in to my publisher! It will likely be coming out in Sept 2009, but more to come on that in a bit. It was a fabulous journey of finding my own expression and remembering all God has done!

Jesus has confirmed moving ahead with Converge International (please click on the link to learn more!) and many things are in transition. We are in process of preparations to move out onto our land after Christmas. Building is moving ahead there. My 2009 travel schedule is shaping up. It is a wonderful time of being free to embrace who I am fully without feeling like I need to receive the expectations I have so frequently encountered in the last few years. The only garment I need to wear is the one Papa has specially fit for this His daughter.

There is so much to share in my heart, but power is almost going off and I need to be heading to bed soon. So here I am home above with my preaching girls 😉 learning what it means to walk in such a way heaven converges with earth as I live in His love that knows no limit.