>Happy Anniversary Iris Sudan!

Exciting news! Along with the birth of Jesus we also celebrated our second anniversary! So much has happened in a little over two years, I am undone by God’s faithfulness.

We started from nothing and now are caring for over 140 children, providing schooling for nearly 200 children, have seen thousands pray to receive Jesus, have planted or networked with nearly 10 churches, operate 2 centers and have one big ever growing family focused on living in the never failing love of God.

And these little guys (Vicki, Aba and Ima) have been with us since the beginning as infants. Now they are fat and happy toddlers reminding us everyday of the miracle God is working in the dirt all around us.

We just got our registration officially with the government and are celebrating all that God has done in each of children and staffs lives over the last 24 months. Thank You Jesus. Shukran Yesua. Eiatea Yesu.