>Twinkling Reflections

WHAT a Christmas it has been!

It started on Christmas Eve with a great hair experiment ala the bush. I wound up with red hair and while not my intended color, it fits the season. At least it has flair! So I am not too concerned… Then wrapping gifts for our little family of 100+ was an all day affair. Our Christmas dinner of lamb and goat met its demise. At 12 am sharp the singing on compound began… echoes of songs from the cooking fire rose with the smoke.

We sang in the Christmas’ arrival:

Alela de faraha kebiri faraha kebiri Rabuna ma nina
Today is a day of great joy, great joy for God is with us!

Christmas started with an 11 am package opening celebration. I so love to be able to look into each of our children’s eyes and tell them how precious they are as I hand them their gifts. Each of them get a new Christmas dress and were all decked out in style. All except for baby Danieli who decided to come in his birthday suit (ala nada). We had some neighbor kids show up as well and it was a joy to be able to offer them a small gift as well.

Then Christmas lunch of goat intestine stew, meat, greens, lamb, chicken, rice and salad was served. In the afternoon we had prayers together with lots of happy singing and dancing. There was much time to sit in between events and share heart to heart with our family as well. And Christmas dinner was more meat and potatoes. We had an all day celebratory feast.

I am so grateful to all who sowed into this day coming to pass. THANK YOU! We are beyond blessed. Above all the best gifts this Christmas was looking into the eyes of our kids and seeing the transformation in their hearts!