>painted wings

>let us paint your wings yellow
and trim your feathers just a bit
admire the gilded house
fashioned for your nest
leave your dangerous uncertainty
embrace a gentler kind
let us teach you the songs
from our civilized side

come and hum the tunes
of safe normality
man’s ways a cage
expectations the bars
as comfort sweetly steals
all that you are
deception slips a key silently into the lock
soon your eyes see no sky
the bars begin to define
you forget the dreams
that once taught you how to fly

customary confines
render defenses

why does a caged bird sing
what does a caged bird bring
when it can no longer soar
the sound of freedom’s ring
beckons freedom forth
painted eagles
wings stolen from their flight
put into a cage
only start to die
painted eagles
never become canaries
never become a song
the cage
never becomes the sky
distant cries of freedom
can be heard
in the

but let us paint you yellow
trim those feathers just a bit
we’ll sing you to sleep
until you forget…

you were not created
for caged captivity
you were made to ride
on winds of untamed dreams.

painted eagles


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  1. >I really enjoyed this poem, and forwarded the link to certain special friends. Sometimes eagles need to be reminded of their true natures…

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