>The Glory Coast


Thank you to Carl Butel of Deep Image Design who made this gorgeous graphic for me!

I looked out from our table where we were enjoying “breakky” (aka breakfast) on the beach at Burleigh on Aussie’s Gold Coast and about fell out of my seat. The beach looked familiar, very familiar and then it hit me. This beach was the reason I was in Australia.

In Nov 2008, I was talking with my dear friend Katherine Ruonala on the phone and in the middle of our conversation Holy Spirit interuppted by whispering “Gold Coast, Glory Coast. Gold Coast, Glory Coast.” Now in what I can only describe as spiritual multitasking, in midcoversation I was taken to a beach that had a very distinct cityscape in its horizon and I saw a HUGE liquid golden tidal wave of glory cresting on the horizon.

There were people on the beach just gaping at it. But only those who had positioned themselves in the deep were prepared to catch the glory wave and ride it. Then I saw liquid golden geysers erupt from the beach and then inland. Each geyser produced a liquid golden glory pool that grew and grew until the pools converged to cover the region in the glory of God.

I asked Katherine if “Gold Coast, Glory Coast” meant anything to her. Hmmm, that is 40 minutes from my house! No WAY! Really? What started in a vision, ended with me sitting on the very beach I stood on in the spirit and having breakfast with new friends and family from there. Dude. Jesus is so much fun.

I was so privileged to meet some church leaders from this region and to minister at a Church called Revolution. It was a very sweet time and I am humbled by Jesus that He would allow me to actually sow into the very place I had seen. How precious is that!

There is so much more to tell about my time in OZ. So more posts to come as I have the ability to write them!