>Yummy Daddy Time

>A new standard Christian greeting from OZ:

“Have you had yummy Daddy time today?”

I love what my hungry sister Katherine says- she needs not one little bit of time with Jesus- but three meals a day plus snacks.

Awaken love, awaken hunger Holy One. I never want to do anything without You.

I am hungrier than I ever have been and it is SO good! Deliciously yummy. I have been reminded again that my time with Him is the most important time I have; renewed from the inside out. And the voices of condemnation regarding that part of my journey with Him from recent days have been silenced by the love in His eyes. I know that I know that I know… the secret place is where I was created to live.

The only power the enemy has over us is deception. If we refuse to buy the lie, there is nothing he can do. For I am convinced- NOTHING in all of creation will separate me from His love. Period.

So have YOU had your yummy Daddy time today?