>Holy Spirit, My Friend

>It is no accident Papa sent me to the Great Southland of the Holy Spirit to learn more about the one who is our Comforter, Teacher and the same Spirit Who raised Christ Jesus from the dead.

It has been my heart cry to get to know Holy Spirit, to know this beautiful Person of the Trinity. I am learning SO much from Him. And I am finding that as I lean into Him: all loneliness, all fear, all concern, all stress vanishes like darkness when the lights come on.

You know I really had not a clue what the gift of tongues was FOR. What was this strange language intended for beyond praying when I didn’t know how or in ministry times? DUDE. It is like a seriously best kept secret outside of certain streams in the Body.

OK it unleashes the power and Presence of God, the revelation of heaven to be manifest in us! It is like flipping on the power switch! It builds up our inner man, it strengthens our faith, it is literally God Himself praying for you. I am such a Presence junkee. When Katherine asked me what I wanted to do for the day one morning, I responded without thinking, “Go to heaven…”

I love Him more than ANYthing. I love receiving prayer… when I pray in the Holy Spirit in this prayer language He has given- it is Him praying FOR me and through me. I never realized that.

So like HOW cool is THAT?

I have seen exponential increase and acceleration as I have explored this gift even in the last few days. It is SUCH a gift. It is uncapping the streams to flow. Wow God- THANK YOU. And it is available to all who desire more of Him.

Check it out- this is a great E-book friends in OZ and S Africa turned me onto- and it is FREE.

Walk of the Spirit, Walk of Power by Dave Roberson

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  1. >Wow, Michele! I read this book some years ago. From what I remember, he prayed for prolonged periods of times. Thank you for posting this. I’ve drifted away from praying in the spirit like that.I feel that stirring once again:)Bless you-Beth

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