>An Awesome Time Down Under

>I don’t even know where to begin… except to say the last 2.5 weeks in Australia have been life changing. God branded OZ into my heart.

I first want to thank my dear sister and friend Katherine Ruonala (right) of New Day Ministries for hosting me and making this time such a precious one for me. Katherine, thank you for sharing your home, your time, your friends, your heart, your wisdom and life with me. It means more than you know. I love you!

I arrived to a plethora of adventures with Jesus. All heck broke loose at home and it was a time of practicing trusting that God really did know what He was doing in sending me there in such a season. I was so far away from where I call home at a crucial time. Our Sudan team is amazing and I was so blessed to see how Jesus led them. Check out some of their stories on Jennie-Joy’s blog.

I have learned much in these last few days. I believe I will be processing for months what Papa has done. It has been a deep revelatory time, as well as a fun time of ministry and being with new family and friends. And YES there was of course the BEACH!!!! And if you know me, you know how much THAT means to me!

I was privileged to share at a number of churches and ministries during my time in Queensland. It was such a joy to see what Papa was doing. Everything in me rejoiced to see such an outpouring of His Spirit under way. I have never seen such hunger in the Western world. It humbled and provoked me to go deeper in my own hunger for Who He is.

We saw ears opened, chronic autoimmune disease healed, knees restored, pain leave, hearts touched, visitation released- it was just an honor to be present where God was doing so much and share what He put on my heart to release.

My most precious memories undoubtedly of this trip though will be times when His Presence came like thick weighty glory honey. It was so heavy at times all I could do was lie under His weight. Of all the manifestations of His reality, I do think this one is my favorite. When you don’t know what realm you are in, He is so real that you wonder if you will live to tell about the encounter.

I am ravenously hungry for more of Him. I learned more the power of praying in the Spirit- not just in meetings but every day. The gift of tongues surely releases His mysteries to be made manifest around us! There are several messages Papa put on my heart and I will share them in other posts.

If you are interested in hearing one wild night of ministry when angels brought mantles into the room check out the mp3 here. (You can download the audio file by right clicking on the word here and selecting save file as or follow the link to listen online.)

And if you are ever in Queensland, Brisbane area on a Friday night and you want more of God: you seriously need to check out New Day Ministries’ Glory Gathering.

Thank you to all who prayed and stood with us in this last month. Your prayers have made all the difference and we thank Jesus for you.