>Compassion Smiles

>Ok see the little gal to the right on this photo- her world was torn apart by LRA rebels less than 2 weeks ago. After the LRA killed this little one’s mother in front of her, they beat her head with rocks. She came to live with us days after the attack. She was barely walking and was not speaking. Her eyes were dull and lifeless. She had a huge soft spot on her head that sent all of us to deeper places of prayer. She rapidly found a favorite resting place in my arms. (Her cousin on the left also has come to live with us after having lost both her parents to disease.)

With no imaging capabilities, MRIs a world away: we did what we could, hold her and pray. I came home a few days ago to a sight that made my heart soar. It made every hard, frustrating moment here worth it. She was running and playing with her new sisters in her age group. She was talking. She looked at me and smiled. And then she threw her head back and laughed.

She is a walking, giggling miracle. The soft spot on her head is reducing daily. It is almost gone. She is a reminder to us of our all-loving, all powerful Papa in heaven who heals and holds us in our darkest moments. We are so honored that He would trust us with such a treasure, a jewel of His grace, to be participants in the unfolding of yet another miracle of restoration.

And people ask me why I would want to live in Sudan?
Take a good look.
Her face is my answer.

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