>Painting Under an Open Heaven

>So Papa told me He was putting me on stage this year and I would learn to paint.  Hmmmm… I did not think He meant both at the same time though.  I bought a bunch of art supplies in S Africa earlier this year but have not had the time to explore them.  Sooooo heaven thought maybe they’d help me out.  I got picked up in Redding and told oh by the way, you’re painting on stage in worship.  Cool the 2nd time I have ever held a paintbrush in my hand… let’s see what happens in front of like an international internet tv audience.  God, what are You getting me into?

Never half way like usual, sink or swim as always there I go… and it felt like I had done it a million times before… even cooler Papa let it be a visual to the sermon to come and a gift to the one who asked Him for it whom He led me to and told me to give it to.  I found out 2 days later. Yay God.  And here is the painting along with its new owner:

6 thoughts on “>Painting Under an Open Heaven

  1. >God is opening realms of worship that revivalists in the past would have never considered. You put so much of what God is doing in Yei, into your “regular” life… you are a good Kronicler of the Kingdom! I am back in Kampala, you should give me a ring at +256 782 14 12 08. I will be in Yei and Kajo Keji later in the year… can I come and hang out. BTW I am the crazy Cdn you met at both Arua YWAM and Yei YWAM

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