>When Heaven Smiles


Do you know the feeling when heaven smiles and all is right, no matter how wrong things could go, it just doesn’t even begin to touch the smile in your spirit?  This week has held so many precious days like those.  It was a great 2.5 weeks with my mom here, but a marathon of sorts as we packed alot in.  After putting her on the plane in Uganda I was actually grateful for the ticket snafu the next day that delayed me a day getting home.  I needed a day off with Jesus. 

It is moments like Thursday driving in to our compound I know I am so home and no matter what, HE is worth it.   Here we are with one of our outreach choirs at our sign (we finally have one, thanks to our short term guys!) on the main road to our compound.

I cannot even begin to tell you how blessed I am.  I came home to all my children dressed in their Sunday best welcoming me singing and dancing and about tackling me to the ground in hugs!  Their bright shining faces lit up my heart as they called out “Mama we missed you- we are so happy you are home.” Together we marched up to my house where they all were waiting to see my expression… they had lined my walk with bricks and planted some flowering vines and had begun cultivating the garden beds by the fence.  I did not ask them to do this, they just did it to bless me, knowing how much I LOVE flowers.  I was so happy I about cried… as we sang and danced and prayed and I had little 2 yr old esther in my arms.  I realized how at home I feel, how home this has become, how totally excited I am for the days and years ahead and all that God desires here.  

Tonight we had a gorgeous worship time as several little guys piled around me for hugs and lightening lit up the sky in the distance… I watched little charity (who was healed after the LRA attacked her family) worshiping with her hands up to heaven, eyes squeezed shut singing with every cell of her 3 year old being to Jesus.  I cried and cried and cried- the “I am so grateful I don’t know what to say” kind of tears. 

Then she ran over and threw herself into my arms and whispered in my ear, “Mama”. I could feel the smile of heaven, the kiss of our King as all of our children prayed their hearts out to Him face down in the dirt in tongues, in english, in kawkwa, in arabic, in madi, in didinga, in lingala, in what ever language they had to express their hunger for more of Him and to cry out for revival in our land.  I am spoiled for sure. To be honest- it is the best worship time I have been in months.  Maybe I am biased but I just love worship with our kids.  The only thing I love more is the thick weighty glory honey Presence of Jesus anywhere- but even better when with our kids.  Haha!

God is bringing strategic connections and all I can do is stand amazed at the doors that are opening.  Electricity or not, running water or not, convenience or not- nothing could compare to such a homecoming that I seriously doubt could happen just so any other place on earth.  Yup so all that to say I am blessed (and healthy too!).  I am so glad to be home surrounded by treasures from heaven even as I type this on my battery power.  Amenities will come but now I have to admit the candles have their own ambiance…  my idea of camping may be a day spa, but my idea of home is my family here.  Here in His courts where I’m close to His throne, I’ve found where I belong.