>A Resting Place


I am so blessed to be writing this from a small cow village in Germany in a lovely guest house run by people who exude the love of Jesus.  Papa is so smart- He knew exactly where to send me!  I am getting some wonderful counsel and understanding about nutrition and the things I need to do to get my body back online.  They have very advanced testing here that is amazingly accurate and noninvasive.  The doctors then use nutritional and natural solutions.  My digestive track appears from the preliminary results to be very much compromised and inflamed.  So I am on a special diet of very bland food (no more extra hot chili sauce- not for a while anyway!) and lots of juices. 
Apparently the digestive track has ALOT to do with your overall health- far more than I ever imagined.  I am learning all I can how to be healthy even in a place like Sudan…  It is important this body lasts for the long haul.  What is incredible is that this place, which defines beauty and rest, is completely built, run and managed by those who deeply love Jesus.  It is true biblical community and amazing to experience. Well I have homework of things to read, so I best get to it!   Much love and thank you for your prayers…