>Aligned With Heaven


I have discovered I tend to live a bit of a prophetic life.  I am learning a LOT in this season.   We have this majorly important bone that connects our skull to our spine, commonly called the C1 vertabrae or the atlas bone.  It is the most important bone in our body.  If it breaks, you die.  If it is out of line, it causes all sorts of problems and throws everything else out of line too.
Jesus told me 2009 was a year, especially during the summer months of aligning and defining.  Aligned, defined, assigned in 2009 was the exact phrase.
I am in Germany getting over some major bouts of sickness from last month in Sudan and just trying to learn how to be healthy period.  One thing that we found out was my atlas was quite a bit out of whack.  Seeing as none of my spine is in line, it is not surprising.  But this part could be fixed easily and as it is the MOST important bone in the body, it seemed prudent to do so… 
They have this amazing guy here named Tom who very gently (no bone cracking) in one 5 minute sitting slightly presses the right spot while you shake your head and wallah it pops back in.  He places his fingers in the small indentations behind your ears as you move your head from side to side and there you go.  Oh, but that is when the fun begins Church- every other muscle, joint starts lining up (as much as possible in my case as all but 2 vertebrae are fused in place).  And that is spelled everyone’s favorite four letter word to be avoided: P-A-I-N.
When it has been out of whack for a long time, there is a release of toxins that require drinking tons of water to flush out of the body.  Is it just me or is anyone seeing any parallels?
Yesterday Jesus began speaking to me how much of His Body (that’s you n me) is suffering from disconnection from the head through an out of place atlas.  And because that is out of place everything else gets out of line too.  The pressure and shaking we are feeling is a call to let Him line us back up with Him.  But we have to agree to the process, we have to say yes to the shaking so the lining up can happen.
It is a critical season of aligning with heaven, aligning in relationship with the Head Who is Jesus.  The enemy desires to send a cancer of religion to completely eat away the atlas of the Body of Christ and disconnect us from relationship with our first Love.  This year I lost someone very dear to me because of just such a cancer in the natural.  It is time to radically allow the aligning process in our own hearts and lives… only when we are rightly aligned with Jesus can we be properly in place with one another.  Alignment has everything to do with hearing and connection directly with the One Who gave His all that we can be wholly His.  In one word intimacy. 

1 Peter 2:4-12
4 As you come to him, the living Stone–rejected by men but chosen by God and precious to him– 5 you also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ. 

And the results of the alignment process can be painful for a short time. We need to drink lots of His living water to flush the toxic stuff that has built up over time.  We are in a great season. Papa is just sticking His fingers behind our ears calling us to hear His heartbeat again, aligning us with Who Jesus is and the reality of heaven that all can be put in place for His glory to shine though us as His dearly loved sons and daughters and His Kingdom to come on earth as in heaven.
So what is Papa shaking in your life, what is He pressing on to bring alignment with Him?