>Answered Prayer and Great Expectations


Thank you for all your love and prayers, encouragement and support in this last season.  Great news!  Mary-Pat is off all tubes and has had a miraculous turn around.  Thank you for standing with one I love so dearly.  How she pulls off radiant and a photo shoot in ICU?  Dude… hospital food looks like it has improved since I was there last.

Please keep Jennie Joy in prayer as she is still recovering with friends in Uganda from malaria, mystery virus #243 (ie no one knows)  and a possible case of typhoid.

The latest with me… The doc here only speaks german and some details got “delayed in translation” until two days ago. It turns out that the reason my bouncing back hasn’t been so bouncy this time is it appears I may have had some mild to moderate lung issues myself from the most recent malaria. There are concerns if I were to catch malaria again it could be extremely serious until my lungs heal. 

When this all started, He said this sickness was not unto death and so I believe every working thereof, even in damage done WILL be completely reversed. As I asked Him Monday afternoon for confirmation and that MP (Mary-Pat) would be off all tubes before or by Wednesday when I left, making miraculous improvements that astounded and confounded the docs, there was a freak gorgeous rainstorm while I was taking to a friend in the US with a bright double rainbow landing just outside my window. His promise remains unmoved. I will NOT be moved by what my eyes see.  We will step through His double portion promise!  So the news of her miraculous improvement was so encouraging on more front than one.  

I refuse to let an enemy attack or physical circumstances deter or define my call, but I DO want to be sensitive if Papa is saying the WAY I am walking this journey out needs to be adjusted in any way.  I believe we are being shown some strategies in this season really bring a greater release of God’s heart in Sudan.  

We will not be led by what our natural eyes see. But we hear a call in this day to seek deeper revelation of what God is saying in the moment that shakes us out of any preconceived model. It is a season for our amazing indigenous family to step farther out in His dreams.  Of course this has been my heart all along that the Sudanese Bride would be released into the fullness of her destiny.  

The main issue for my health right now is not to get malaria and worsen the damage, so I am for the first time taking malarone as my next period in sudan will be for about a 2 month stretch, which is the limits thereof at one time with my other physical circumstances. Of course all the while trusting that Jesus supernaturally restores and kicks the devils butt for all the havoc he has caused in the last month. And we’ll go from there. I can’t wait to be home and I miss my babies so home can’t come fast enough…

This whole season has been filled with revelation, wise counsel from the leaders surrounding us and great expectation of the Kingdom coming in even deeper ways all our lives.  Below is an excerpt from a recent word released in May by Chuck Pierce that was a great confirmation from Papa’s heart as I read it last night.   

Hugest of hugs, 

May 31, 2009- From a word given by Chuck Pierce

The Lord says, “Let the sound of reformation come into you. Feel the brooding of My Spirit over you. My Spirit brooded over the confusion of the earth realm, and I can brood over your confusion. Fully submit your spirit to gain insight into My plan of reformation. Ministries are reforming. Lives are reforming. Cities are changing. Church gatherings are reforming. There is a cataclysmic ending and beginning going on in the earth that is creating My plan of fullness.

“There is a mounting up. Angels are guarding your reforming. Life systems around you are changing. The water is being applied to the clay and the Potter’s wheel is accelerating. You must be ready and start coming up and I’ll meet you halfway. I will overshadow you as you ascend. I will shadow you and bring you through the confusion you’ve been in. Be ready. Come up. Ascend and watch that confusion end.

“I am making you ready now. Watch Me get you ready. Be ready to move with Me quickly. Be ready to make a quick decision. Be ready to move and advance with Me. Be ready for the third day. Be ready for the change. Be ready for your new assignment. Be ready to move with Me. Be ready, for the third day is coming over you and overshadowing you!

“I am working in your life to make you ready. Like Peter’s mother-in-law, be ready to rise up from that fever that has held you down. Be ready to serve Me. Be ready to go up. Be ready to be assigned. Be ready to make that change. Be ready to go forward. Be ready to demonstrate My power in the path where I have placed you.

“Be ready for the change that is about to happen in your life. Be ready! Sanctify and ready yourself, for this is a day that I will call you quickly and change your circumstance quickly and cause you to rise up. From the direction you were taking, you will shift immediately. Be ready, for changes are coming—suddenly. I AM singing ‘Suddenly! Suddenly!’ Sing with Me and ready yourself to move quickly…

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  1. >Prayers to you Michelle during this time. i know that Pappa will take good care of you…for he/she is so fond of you!What ever is ahead of you, you will continue to be a light in a sometimes dark place.Blessings Love and Light

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