>some days…


there are days
that hold 
more questions than answers
demanding raw relentless
i will not give in 
to what my natural eyes see
to what my humanity screams
back OFF there
stop breathing my air
yes there are days:
days when
all i have left
is an honest
“i don’t know”
i don’t know 
i don’t know 
how long
i don’t know
or have much
more than a cry
but i
in the night
when i can’t see
to hold ON
to the hand
of the One who can,
whose very being calls forth
the dawn beyond,
through the darkness
i will, i will hold on
embrace this mystery
this tension between
the now and not yet
a grace compelled journey
into uncertainty
oh there are days
i may not see far ahead
but i remember the promise
i remember the yes.
living in the question
is worth it
when HE is the answer
-mp 8-09
We lost a sweet little one of our family last night… we will miss baby Isaiah, even as he grows up in the arms of Jesus in heaven.  It has indeed been one of those days…