>Love Has A Face: Book Release Sept 1!!!

>Well it is hard to believe the date is almost here!  My first book is about to be released Tuesday, September 1st!

Thank you to all who have prayed and stood with me to see this day finally arrive.  When you read it, I would love to know how Papa impacts you and hear any feedback you have.
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May Jesus take you deeper into His heart every day and show His face of love.  I pray you will be richly blessed.
For more information on purchasing, appearances and the like check the Book Blog out.
Much love, Michele

4 thoughts on “>Love Has A Face: Book Release Sept 1!!!

  1. >This is such a wonderful book! I have just finished it and am longing for more. Your message of love is His message of love, and it is so powerful and applicable to everyone in every stage of life. I pray for the Lord to continue to strengthen you in your inner man and that your love would abound still more and more! I am an intercessory missionary at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City MO, I will be adding you to my prayers for the word of the Lord to run swiftly and be glorified in the nations!!Bless you!!

  2. >I only have 2 more chapters to go until I am finished with your book. I love it! After I realized the book was going to end, I started reading slower trying to savor each story. Honestly I find myself asking what would Michele do if she were here with my kids. I am a mama of 3 and find it challenging, 80-100 kids! I know the payoffs have to be so great though. I have to tell you a happy God story that happened to me today. I am a song leader for young children in the Mormon faith. Today as we closed our meeting we sang a song of the scripture found in St John 13:34-35. As I lead the group (about 40) in song, I felt like I had a moment where I could see with Jesus' eyes the love He has for them. It didn't matter old or young, He loves them all. It was so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your story so I can find my own.

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