>A Love Encounter: Jan 2009

>I am ecstatic to be home in Sudan after a whirlwind journey through the USA. It was such a significant time of connecting with old friends and making new ones. Thank you to all of you who hosted me in your homes, ministries and churches, who stand with us in prayer and give so generously to see God’s Kingdom come in love and power here in Sudan and beyond.

On my last stop in the USA I was with one of my newly found sisters (in the spirit) in Seattle (see the first picture on the left).
I am learning so much and Papa is challenging me more every day that my life is not just to be a love encounter, but a love encounter set on fire and sent to WAR to set the captives free. While spending time with my newly met family in Seattle, He injected such a fiery wind of His boldness, it is like I found a new dimension to the war cry of Love that is building in my heart. This cry is simply for FREEDOM to the captives, healing to the broken and the fullness of heaven being unleashed on the earth.
I cannot even begin to communicate how grateful I am for the family God is aligning around me in this hour- as well as around our kids in Sudan. It is crucial to His purposes being fulfilled in this moment.
Now home in Sudan, we are gearing up for our first national revival and prayer conference to start Thursday. We are eagerly awaiting our special visit from family in Mozambique and Uganda and looking forward to an all out downpour of HIS glory on this land.
Remember Mundariland from last year? Well we just got word that the one man that was demon possessed and blind we ministered to got completely healed and set free right after we left… and the whole village wants to follow Jesus! YAY God!
We are so blessed and so excited to see all Papa has in this incredible year of promise for the peoples of Sudan.
There is much to update but right now it is the hottest part of the day so I better let my computer take a break– so more updates to come!