>10 Days Ablaze

>Words cannot even begin to describe how Jesus led and met us every step of the way on our journey through Eastern Equatoria to visit some of our churches in the Chukudum area and meet our children there for the first time.

Let me begin by sharing a vision Jesus gave me several years ago of fire leaping up from Mozambique and landing in Yei and then igniting along the southern border from west to east setting places ablaze with the revival fire of God’s love. I believe these last few weeks with Rolland’s visit and this trip is the beginning of that vision’s fulfillment! We had the interesting confirmation of several key intercessors saw the same thing of fire going with us and all along the road once we reached E Equatoria the land was scorched by bush fire.

We set out on a 3 day cross country trek filled with bumpy roads and glorious uncertainty. The first night we camped at the Sudan Pentecostal Church in Juba and had a wonderful prayer time with some youth staying on compound. Then on to Torit where sweet missionaries with a huge hospitality gift took us in. Day three we finally arrived in Chukudum after hours of pushing the car and slipping in the mud.
We were greeted with more of a welcome than even some government officials! Not only were the roads lined with singing children, all creation rejoiced as flocks of cranes flew beside our vehicle and the gray mist parted for a beautiful open heaven light display. By the time we reached our Iris compound in Chukudum, hundreds of people had joined the procession. I had an urgency to preach as soon as I got out of the car. The beautiful Didinga Hills are cloaked in deep witchcraft and fear, as well as being plagued by a history of tribal instability. This area is largely unreached by the gospel.

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After preaching a simple message of God’s love and telling them about Jesus hundreds wanted to follow Jesus. The next day the scene repeated itself in church. Then we burned a pile of witchcraft fetishes, saw God heal the blind and pain ridden, and baptized 75 of our new believers in 1 foot of mud and about 6 inches of water. (See pictures below)

Monday we reached our school in Khartema after an hour of fighting the mud and finding a tractor to pull our barely running hired truck through. Here a young boy in our Iris Dream-Vision Primary School started by our local pastors had one eye that was completely blind from his earliest memory.

It was little more than a small whitish something in the socket but it was almost completely closed.

We watched Jesus open his eye and the brown that was not there rolled around into place and he began following our fingers and telling us what He saw!

I am ceaselessly humbled by the love of our Father!

Tuesday we preached in the markets and more were healed, set free and wanted Jesus… then we got to pray with all our Iris children and family and they received the baptism of the Holy Spirit with speaking in tongues and great amounts of laughter.

Wednesday it was on to Torit where we planted a church among the street children. Friday we returned to Yei. It was phenomenal open heaven journey into the heart of God! Thank you for praying for me as I am getting more and more opportunities to visit and take the message of God’s love all over Sudan.

Here are some more pictures from our trip. For the complete gallery, follow the link HERE:

She now can see!

The church gets saved!

Breaking off witchcraft fetishes which were later burned.

Our river mud baptism

Street boy in Torit praying to receive Jesus.

All creation welcomed the Gospel!!

Our campsite…

With some of the Iris Dream-Vision Primary students in Khartema

Crying out for Jesus

Capturing our guest photographer Andrew in action…

Village sunset near our compound in Chukudum

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