>A New Journey

>I was resting one afternoon this week and an intent looking angel with a large quill pen and multiple scrolls appeared by my bed. He was very serious, but joyful too. He was dressed in a pale golden robe that shimmered tied with a silver sash. His eyes burned with a fiery intensity.

“Write the things you have encountered in heaven.”

As quickly as the angel came, he disappeared. That quickly. But I knew the whisperings of God over the last few months had just escalated into a full blown shout from heaven. Jesus began to share with me how in this day we live in, our eyes must be fixed on the unseen eternal. Even if every door in the natural is closed, there is one door that always remains open:

And behold a door standing open in heaven. If this door is open, every other door will open in its time. It is time to live a lifestyle of encounter where we live in encounter with Jesus and become His love encounter to the world around us.

So I want to invite to share this journey with me. It is an old journey and new one all at the same time. Many of the encounters I will share are from long ago. But they have not been shared like this before. Many have never left the depths of my heart. They are cherished precious snapshots of an adventure into another realm. It is my prayer that they would not so much be read as they would be experienced, that you will be drawn through them into your own love encounter with Jesus.

In His great love-