>Encountering Heaven

>So it all began with an angel and a shaking…

I was resting one afternoon last week and an intense looking angel with a large quill pen and multiple scrolls appeared by my bed. He was dressed in a pale golden robe that shimmered tied with a silver sash. His eyes burned with a fiery intensity.

“Write the things you have encountered in heaven.”

As quickly as the angel came, he disappeared. That quickly. But I knew the whisperings of God over the last few months had just escalated into a full blown shout from heaven.

I had been praying about some of the seemingly closed doors around me. It had been a week of shaking. Then it dawned on me, the doors were only closed because I was trying to get them to swing in the wrong direction. I was looking into the known and Papa was sending me out further into His love’s untamed wildness.

So Encountering Heaven was born. It started as a simple blog and within a few days has grown into so much more.

I have known for a while we are walking through some big transitions in the spirit. Jesus told me in December 09 that in 2010 the earth will bend and the heavens rend. We have seen more major earth quakes already this year than anytime in recent history. It is telling of things that are shaking in the spirit as well. Enter in 2010, open heaven 2011 and time to delve in 2012. We are in the throws of a dramatic 18 month shift.

In this season, we must fix our gaze on the unseen eternal like never before. The church in the West needs eye salve to learn to see in the spirit. We must become a people who live from heaven to earth if we are going to be effective in the shakings to come. A big part of what I am called to do in this season when I minister in the West is to partner with that purpose being fulfilled and help others see into the unseen, know His voice and understand what Papa has for them.

Starting in October 2010, I will be spending much of the time while I am in the West traveling and holding Encountering Heaven experiences. Encountering Heaven is for those who don’t just want to hear of encounter, they want to HAVE an encounter. It can be a whole weekend, a regular service, a special gathering, really anything Papa says.

As of now, October and November 2010 and Spring 2011 is available and open for booking. If your ministry, fellowship or church is interested in hosting an Encountering Heaven experience (no matter how small or large), please contact us here. We are actively filling the fall calender in Europe and the United States and prayerfully considering invitations now.

It is my deep desire that you would live a life of encounter with Him and become His encounter to your world. To stay posted, join our fan page on Facebook and follow the blog.

Much love in Jesus,

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