>The Nations…

>March 1998

I was in a dark place curled up on the ground. It had been a hard season. The vision seemed to fit right in with what I was walking through in the natural. I was huddled over wounded with a dark shadowy figure cackling away at me. I felt so alone, so very alone.

In an instant, the darkness was ablaze with light. Jesus appeared with holy anger radiating from His eyes. I wanted to hide it was so intense. He stepped in between me and my demonic tormentor. Jesus spoke with a ferocity of indignation rumbling at the foundation of his words, “How dare you torment My beloved one, how dare you touch her. Everything you’ve stolen WILL be restored and every wound paid back to you a hundred fold. She’s mine- be gone.”

Jesus turned tenderly towards me. All the wrath was gone out of His countenance. Only mercy and love that was so deep, the sobs I had been afraid to cry came out like a torrent. He crouched down beside me and placed His hand on the back of my head. Liquid peace washed over me like a warm summer rain.

He wrapped me in gold blanket and gently picked me up, holding me in His arms rocking me as I wept.

Soon I realized He was carrying me and we were walking towards a great throne in a room filled with peoples from every tribe and tongue worshiping. It was the brightest place I had ever seen but the light did not hurt my eyes. Still it was overwhelming and as we approached a great white throne, I hid my face in Jesus’ garments because it was all too much to take in.

I heard Him say, “Father, this is the one I want she has stolen My heart. She trembles at My word and I love her dearly. She is esteemed well, pleasing and beautiful in my sight.”

The Father replied, “As is your love towards her: so is mine”

Jesus turned around and lifted my chin so that my eyes met His. He said “Beloved look…” I looked and I saw multitudes of peoples dressed in white robes that had hints of their native lands woven in the design. I saw for longer than my eyes could see. They were stunningly beautiful and waves of glory were rippling through them.

The love Jesus felt for some of these forgotten tribes pierced my heart. They too were the reason He died. I wanted nothing more than to bring to Him the reward of His suffering.

Jesus spoke to me as I absorbed enormity before me: “Beloved of my heart, today I give you the nations as your inheritance.”

From a place of torment to triumph and a defining moment of destiny- all in the place of visitation and encounter. Jesus was my defense, my stronghold, my everything. He still is.

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