>The Rhythm of Nations

>August 1998

One afternoon I was worshiping alone in my room. Suddenly I was taken into an encounter.

I saw a throne with a great raging river coming from beneath it. I stood on the shore watching it pass me by and I long to be consumed by it. Its waters were life- what would it be to be consumed by LIFE?

Then I came to an emerald meadow where I was resting beside Jesus. We were surrounded by a beautiful but dangerous wall of fire. The flames licked the sky with different hues. I had never felt so safe as I did when I was with Jesus.

His face became intense. He said, “Come I want to show you what’s on my heart” Instantly we were standing in a room with a huge screen. There is no time between thought and action in heaven. As a man thinks so he is. It is true on the earth as well but it takes longer to see.

On the screen were multitudes wearing neck shackles being pulled to a black abyss by unseen tormentors. I could hear their cries and pain. “I love these ones so much but because they walk in darkness, they fear my light and turn away from Me.’ Even though they had no idea they were on the heart of Jesus, they were. Who would go to them and share His love?

His face lightened and he smiled as He turned me around to face Him. Again we were standing on the bank of the river. Along its banks were trees as far as the eye could see and their leaves were for the healing of the nations. Jesus said “Take and eat for the words you are to speak are for the healing of nations.”

He went on to say, “Beloved come close to my heart and listen—in my heart is the rhythm of every nation.” I rested my head on His chest and heard a heartbeat that contained an infinity of intricate rhythms in it like layers in a mosaic. Out of the rhythm rose a beautiful one note hum that seemed to have within it every note in perfect harmony and every word of praise in every language all at once. It was more than sound or song, it was substance. It was the substance of eternity.

Jesus said “See this song I now put in your heart.” Then touching my mouth with fire, “See my word will be fire in your mouth and when you speak my fire will be released for I will have a royal priesthood and a holy pure Bride. No longer will I tolerate indifference by those who call themselves by my name… I will have unadulterated worship from my people once more. I will have a HOLY people set apart who worship me in spirit and truth.”