>The Song Heaven Sang

>March 2001

Nine years ago almost to the day, I was worshiping in my room in Calcutta. Suddenly I was taken by Jesus into the throne room. It was so bright, the light permeated every part of me. Then I began to hear a song. The music came from everywhere at once. You didn’t just hear it, it resonated through you. You felt it. You saw it. You were immersed in it.

You could tell there were angel choirs woven in its fabric, along with every note and every word from every language all worshiping Jesus in one single perfect tone that radiated and pulsed, like dancing light itself.

It was deafening and soft as the whisper of a faint breeze all at once. Jesus laughed at the expression on my face and put His hands over my ears and told me to listen with the ears of my spirit. It was like I could see the song once only heaven sang being poured out on the Church today as rain. I could see that God was placing this song in the hearts of His beloved, in the heart of His Bride.

Jesus began to explain:

“Beloved, this is the day I am releasing the song that once only heaven sang to be sung by My Bride. She no longer will sing the songs of the world, she will sing My song to the world and the world will listen to song of heaven and be amazed by its beauty. The world will hear every longing ever had met in this one perfect note.

Too long My people have worried about the perfection of their pitch when I am concerned with the perfection of their praise. I do not listen as the world listens. The world may hear a scratchy monotone voice but I hear the song as it sounds in the spirit. I tune by the key of your heart. If the perfection of your pitch was the only key to my anointing then opera houses and symphonies would be the most anointed places on earth.

Stop trying to imitate a sound already created when I desire to give you a new a sound in this day, a sound never before heard on the earth. It is a song that has the sound of every nation redeemed in it- the song once only heaven sang.

Heaven is not a place in the natural somewhere a way far off: it is a place in the spirit close by. You can sing the songs of heaven NOW. You don’t have to wait… the only way you can be earthly good is to be heavenly minded! Eternity begins the day you meet Me and give Me your life. not when you die.

I desire My people to be so familiar with My Kingdom of heaven, it will not be a new strange place to you but a homecoming. Do you not know I silence heaven to hear the worship of one heart on the earth? Your worship is PRECIOUS to Me. Indeed. I am releasing the song of heaven into your hearts. Remember it is not about the perfection of your pitch, but the perfection of your praise…”

“Holy! Holy! Holy!”
I heard the angels cry
“Worthy! Worthy! Worthy!”
heaven gave reply
Holy, holy, holy is I AM
Worthy, worthy, worthy is the Lamb

Then the One’s Whose voice
is the sound of rushing waters
Silenced the song heaven raised that day
For somewhere on the earth
He heard one lone voice singing
One heart building Him a throne of praise

There’s a new song sounding in the earth today
the very sound of heaven, of the Spirit’s rain
Enter in to the song that heaven sings
Every note, every word
in every language ever heard
From eternity to eternity
Every melody, every harmony
in one perfected note of praise.