>Rivers on the Mountain


I looked and I saw rivers flowing down a mountain. They were flowing on all sides in all directions flooding forth toward the ground below until they reached a series of gates. Some gates were closed and some were just beginning to open. When the rivers were released from the mountain through the gates, they rushed over the waste places below filling the dry desolate land with life.

“What am I seeing Jesus? “

” Beloved, you are seeing the coming outpouring of My Presence. This is what I am doing in this day. Rivers are being released from My Holy Mountain. Rivers that will renew the desert places and cause the wastelands to bloom into My garden of promise. I look with longing on My Bride. I will restore her ruined cities desolate for generations and rebuild her walls. I will comfort her and hold her close. I will make her driest deserts like Eden and her most barren wilderness My garden.

How you ask? Because the rivers of My Presence are flowing now. They are bubbling forth and flowing from the depths of My heart. The flood gates are about to be released. NO MORE TRICKLES! TORRENTS are about to flow.

The smallest stream is about to become a raging river of my glory. Get ready… get ready to move with My river or you will be swept away by what is about to be revealed in the earth. There have been those thirsty seekers of My heart who have found the flood gates on My mountain. They have been drinking from the trickles that have flowed out from beneath them. Everything you have seen to date beloved is but a drop in the flood to come.

You have thought I hold the keys to My flood gates: I don’t. I have given the keys to you, My Bride. The keys are obedience, repentance and worship. When you My beloved walk in obedient, broken, outpoured worship and repentance, the flood gates will be released. Even now the gates are being opened… the TORRENTS are coming! The River is about to rage! Open the gates My Bride to let My glory flood the land. Open the gates that I may come in.

The deserts are about to bloom. The wilderness is about to burst forth in rejoicing because of My splendor. The places you once thought were barren and forsaken, I am about to restore. The deserts are about to dance because I am walking through them releasing My Life to flow.

Rivers, rivers, RIVERS are flowing NOW on My mountain and are about to be released to saturate, to flood the land. Listen to the sound of the downpour approaching from the heights to give life to the wastelands, the dry places and the ruins. Not just your individual lives, but the destinies of entire cities and nations will feel the impact of the coming inundation of My Spirit.

Are you ready to move with My river? Are you ready to ride the rapids of My Presence as it floods through your streets? No longer will your buildings be able to contain My Presence or My glory. In this outpouring, I am going to impact the streets with My Presence.

Are you ready beloved? I challenge you. You hold the keys– use them. You want to see the dry places in your life blossom with My life, then use the keys I have given you. You want to see Your cities reached, then use the keys I have given you. Open the flood gates for My glory that the rivers on My mountain may flood the earth and bring healing to your land.”

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  1. >I'm new this blog thing, but after reading 'Rivers on the Mountain' I just had to comment. This is a confirmation of something that has been pressing on me for a couple of years now. Thanks for being faithful to pen what you see. This has given me a direction in my spirit walk.

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