>Color Outside the Lines


I repeatedly heard in my spirit:

“I am coloring outside the lines… Beloved THIS is the day I am coloring outside the lines…”

Then I saw a schoolroom with many children and a teacher. The children were all coloring pictures that had color keys prescribing their color choice. The majority of the children were following the key with painstaking detail. The teacher gave them much affirmation and support. A few of the children however decided the color keys were wrong and began to choose their own colors. The teacher frowned on them with great disapproval and threatened them with low marks if they continued. One or two went beyond that. They saw the picture was incomplete and began drawing in that which was needed to complete it. The teacher became even more agitated with these ones than their predecessors, threatening them with failure. Lastly one lone child decided the picture was just plain wrong to begin with and turned it over to begin drawing something new. The teacher became unnerved and irate and threatened the child with expulsion.

Jesus asked me, “Which of these do you think embodies my heart?”

I instinctively knew it was the last child I saw who drew a new picture.

He went on to explain what I saw as follows:

“Beloved, the children in the schoolroom are My children. The color-by-code pictures are the systems and doctrines and ideas of man that have crept into my Kingdom. The teacher is the religious spirit of bondage that would keep My children bound to the doctrines of man and the systems of religion.

Most of My children are in one way or another trying to color in the lines of a system or human doctrine. They work with painstaking effort to please the taskmaster of the law. They are affirmed and applauded when they produce a picture conformed to the lines and colors they have been mandated to use. My heart grieves over this. I long to teach My children by My Spirit which is NOT bound by such. Man’s religion binds you up and I have come to set you free.

Some however have noticed the color keys were too restrictive and monotone, so they began to move out in freedom and pick new colors. This resulted in a backlash of criticism from man’s system and the spirit of fear over it. These children were just beginning to see the potential of what I want to do in this day, but they still didn’t venture outside of the lines they have been given. They just altered the colors within them. I am changing the colors within the systems of tradition men have erected in My name, but I am NOT stopping there.

Even fewer went beyond changing the colors to notice the picture they were coloring wasn’t complete. So they began to add in the things that were missing—I am restoring the things that are missing in this day to My Body. The religious spirit again will not like it. I am filling in that which is absent from My people, but even this is not the end.

The last child is the picture of My heart in this hour. THIS is what I am doing. I am coloring outside of the lines. Indeed I am throwing the old lines away and drawing a new picture! Behold I am doing a new thing! Now it springs forth; do you not perceive it? I will even make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. Isaiah 43.19 I am raising up a generation of forerunners who will draw with their lives the new pictures that are on My heart. They will not be bound by the color codes given to them by man or even the lines of the old picture. This is a generation that will see and live the new picture on My heart in this hour.

This is the day where the possibilities are as limitless by My Spirit as what can be put on a blank piece of paper or sheet of canvas. I am the Creator—Do not think My work of creation stopped in Genesis. I am still creating today. This is the day of coloring outside the lines of the old and embracing the picture of the new. I am raising up those now who know My heart to give expression to My desires.

Much of this will initially happen through a restoration of the creative arts, the CREATIVE arts in My Body. There have been thousands of years of art but now is the day I am restoring the CREATIVE part of the arts to My people, the new song with the rhythm of My heartbeat, the dance that has never before been done, the picture never before painted with heaven’s perspective. And this art will prophetically give expression to My heart. The art formed by faith that will literally prophesy and creatively call forth the things that are not in to being, that will stand in the gap between the now and not yet and call forth the unformed dreams of My heart into existence. This company of forerunners I am equipping now in this day will lead My people into the fullness of My plans and purposes for them.

I am calling you to color outside the lines of your traditions, of your preconceptions, of your premises, of the way it has always been done. Don’t miss what I am doing NOW because you are bound by the lines of the past. Learn from the past and then MOVE on to possess the inheritance I have for you NOW on the OTHER side of the Jordan. Cross the river with Me, step over the line to the other side and see the fulfillment of My Word.”

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  1. >Thank you so much for being obedient and to publish this on your site, I've been coloring outside the lines for the past 17 years and I've suffered a lot of persecution for following the Lord in my life but your blog Encountering Heaven is giving me hope again

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