>The Cliffs of Clarity


For several days now, I have been hearing in my spirit, “Come to the cliffs. Clarity is waiting.”

Tonight I felt Holy Spirit swirling around me like the whirling of wind. I yielded my heart to Him and said take me to the cliffs. I want to go. I had seen glimpses off and on for days but they were faint impressions on my preoccupied mind.

Suddenly I was standing on the precipice of a deep cliff face dropping down to an angry sea. Storm clouds billowed and boiled on the horizon. It was not what I expected. There was a figure who appeared with long dark hair and a flowing dress… she had a faint light about her and she introduced herself as “Clara” But something was not right. This encounter had a sinister feel, even though it seemed on the surface to be light- the light was hollow, illusive, flickering. “You can come to me anytime you need to see clearly,” she said. Something was very definitely off. My spirit was in knots.

“Show yourself to be who you are in Jesus name” I said.

Her countenance scowled and her eyes turned angry. The sea began to rage and the wind howl lashing around me. Suddenly I saw her name was short not for Clarity, but for Clairvoyance. She was a demonic counterfeit. I commanded her to be gone in Jesus name and immediately the scene changed.

The cliffs became gentle emerald hills rolling down to a majestic sea that looked like it had been clipped from an Irish seascape. An angel walked up to me. She had true light radiating from her, deep auburn hair that had spun gold woven into it. There was such a settledness and peace that was there. She stood slightly off to the side as Jesus walked up to me with a glimmer in His eye and called me to sit with Him overlooking the sea.

It was the sea of eternity washing the sands of time. I was seeing it all over again. I looked out at its expanse and snuggled into His embrace. Jesus called the angel with the auburn hair over to me and introduced her as Clarity. She was a revelation angel and had been assigned to be with me for this next season of my journey. He went on to explain that there is battle going on between genuine clarity in His Spirit today and counterfeit spirits of clairvoyance trying to deceive His Bride.

The counterfeit always tries to draw you to itself, when the true always points away from itself to Jesus.

I was still shaken by my previous encounter with darkness. They both laughed at my rather bewildered expression and He said, “Breathe. It really does help. You can relax, you passed the test.”

Jesus excused Himself chuckling and left me with Clarity.

I wasn’t sure what to say. There was such a purity emanating from her very being. She began to tell me that anytime I needed perspective I could come here, and listen to His voice in the sea, His song in the wind and speak with Him. This was a place of seeing from the view of forever. It was a place of revelation and release. Here I was never alone. There was always the Song, His Song. The Song of eternity that wove itself through time as echoes of what truly is.

She began to sing the most haunting beautiful melody- it was soon joined by the angelic choirs and crescendoed until even the crashing of the waves below me became part of the symphonic release. It was so beautiful all I could do was weep. It was too much for my soul to take in. Such ravaging purity, such extreme loveliness. It was the very sound of clarity itself, a song so pure it could only be born from heaven, it could only be born in His heart.

It swirled around me, through me until I all I was aware of was Him. Time cannot contain the essence of eternity. The mightiest symphony on earth is but a pale expression of the music of heaven, yet certain measures are graced with whispers of the eternal.

I recorded the two bar refrain I heard so I won’t ever forget it, though it is only a poor hint of what I received, it holds memories. I look forward to learning to see with new eyes from the cliffs of clarity through the perspective of forever surrounded by eternity’s song. Standing on those cliffs with the salty wind in my hair and His song in my heart somehow felt more like home than almost any place I have seen yet. Maybe it is just the home I need for this season, the anchor for this voyage. Everything there comes clear and is put in its place. What seems like mountains here are reduced to nothing before the light of His love.

We have a choice and need to chose the purity and discernment rooted in love like never before. Perspective is crucial in this hour, as is the source of our revelation. It is only the clarity born from intimacy with Jesus that will see us through the storm.

Jesus again came and stood behind me looking out on the sea. He whispered in my ear, “Time to write what you have seen” I’d still be there, but I needed to share it with you. So will join us on the cliffs and let His wind carry you above the storm? It is there we learn to fly.