>The Storm Dancers

>June 2008

Those who wield the most powerful weapon of all are arising from the hidden and unseen depths of His heartbeat. Have you seen them? The dangerous fearless lovers of the King, Who has so captured their gazes, no storm can stop them from dancing on the waves of life in His embrace.

In the middle of one of our famous rainy season squalls, I was contemplating storms as the rain pounded the tin roof overhead. Suddenly I was taken into a vision of an army of people arising to dance on this stormy ocean in the middle of the night. They spun and twirled in a symphony of light right in the middle of the raging darkness. It was so beautiful even the angels stood in awe. Maybe that is who we are called to be? The storm dancers, the light carriers…

These are the unlikely ones, the burning ones, the passionate ones the world has overlooked and called foolish. These will arise from the ends of the earth with a yes cry in their hearts and a song sung with their lives. What would a people look like who are fully embraced by love? What would a people become if they were totally set free to become who they truly are in Him? What would an army of love be, released from the darkest corners of the earth to carry the light of His face, reflected in their own, as they see who they are in Love’s eyes?

It is nothing less then supernatural and nothing other than His Kingdom coming to those that know their need… those who are willing to become humble like a little child. Theirs is the Kingdom.

Secret treasures, hidden riches of darkness—a treasure hunt with our King to find royalty by the roadside, diamonds in the dust, glory in the gutter and miracles in the mud. Do we have kingdom eyes to see how our King longs to come and make His beauty known?

We are overcome by a love we cannot contain. We only keep what we give away, so we will give to Him all we are: all our dreams, all our love, all our hopes, all our control, all our understanding, all our everything; until He takes our lives and holds them in the fire of His gaze and we become the radiant reflection of His glory in the earth.

Could an army be raised to fight hate with love, injustice with mercy and truth, war with peace, poverty with generosity, despair with joy and praise, striving with rest, religion with freedom? We are watching them arise with no motive but to romance His heart with the love song of their lives.

can you see them?
the storm dancers and light carriers
they step out on the waves
letting the momentum move them
deeper, higher
into the heart of love.
no darkness can deter them
no shadow can distract them
their gaze is steady
on the one they follow
his path leads through the sea
and where he goes they go
in a wild procession of joy.
even in the midst of the night
the light carriers bring
the dawn with them.
storm? what storm?
all they see is a distortion of
the real.
you see a storm
they see an invitation
to dip and dive, spin and twirl
into fearless abandonment.

could the wind move you
farther in?
could the waves propel you
deeper still?
could the storm carry you
higher yet?
till heaven is your measure
and atmospheres
from the inside out.

if we have authority over
the storms we can sleep through,
WHAT about the
storms we can dance in?

3 thoughts on “>The Storm Dancers

  1. >Michele, this reminds me of a dream that i had as a child. I had it several nights in a row. I saw a dancer as big as a tornado spinning, tilted toward a city. Coming into the city at one end and traveling down the Main Street to the other end of the city. The dancer (though fierce as a tornado) was not ominous or destructive. As the dancer pirouetted through the city, it pulled the corruption and wickedness from the city and left peace, purity, and healing in her wake. As she left the city, it was completely swept clean from one end to the other.

  2. >wow wow wow just reading these blogs i feel overwhelmed undone over joyed i have instant images in my minds eye my key hole? vision of the storms the battlefeid the dance amazing thank you for sharing and helpn us who read and follow to grow i Him prayers for you

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