>Status Updates, Recaps and the Like

>So it has been quite the week. Facebook status updates tell all. Well almost all 😉 Home sweet Sudan.

This week:

* I baptized a demonized woman Sunday, she got set free-then someone stole our teepa batteries blah but today has been wonderful catching up with family I love my kiddos! They r all studying for exams on my porch tonight-i am so proud of them!

* was learning to cook the one thing i can eat here from the mama’s, finding out vicki joy is a mac baby just like her mama (she was helping with emails too, well sort of in a 2 yr old way), arabic lessons, meetings with our new contractor, escaping a rain storm, porch study sessions, more emails and now well soon bed. Luv to all!

*was tuckered and hungry (there’s not alot i can eat here now)- meetings, meetings, more meetings, art with the kiddos, converting half my house into my office so I have one officially, a ton of admin left to do and language learning in 2 hours… but the delight on the kids faces to see a picture come alive through THEIR touch. Can’t compare…

*God says start an art academy. We say yes. A team shows up on our doorstep bearing bags of ART supplies with connections for more! I love my life.

*washed my hair in the rain… cuddled my babies… board meeting with my leaders… figured out the leak in my house… now to prepare to receive our newest treasure rescued from darkness… then a football game (um soccer mom in sudan- our team is in the quarter finals here!) art projects, worship, homework time, email and and and…. tomorrow board another meeting part two: a dream session!

*was in awe: I live with 94 creative geniouses. I am so not kidding. I can’t wait to see what comes out of my kids. Permission to dream. Permission to try. Permission to color mama’s porch with spilled paint. Permission to fail. Permission to fly. Talking Walls is about to commence. PS I have two future pilots so some of you pray us in a plane ok?

*my babies have the best laughs in the whole wide world. And YES I am biased 😉 Aba sang all of “Jesus loves me” to me 10 times this morning. My little prophetic psalmist- she knew what her mama needed to be reminded of…. man is she smart. At barely 3, we can have an intelligent conversation. She is a really good teacher ♥

*had an AMAZING dream session with her board in Sudan, a crazy prayer session with some of her girls, has laughed harder than she can remember and is tomorrow on her way to Uganda/Mozambique for meetings and to be a maid of honor in a wedding of her close friend! Now to pack, finish admin and beat a really DUMB fever into submission. Love u all!

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  1. >thats for the update MichelleI don't do the face book thing so always so happy to see you write a little something hereblessings prayerlove and lightto you

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