As One Who is Sent

I have been pondering a lot about family in recent weeks. It blows me away that our Papa in heaven doesn’t call me a distant cousin. He calls me daughter with full access to His house. Sometimes it is easy to get busy and forget that He has no distant cousins- only sons and daughters.

I just returned to my now 97 children after 10 beautiful days with my global Iris family in Mozambique. Jesus did so much during our time together. I am humbled and amazed He has brought me to be a daughter not just in His household but in this particular expression of His family on earth.

As I was sharing with our global team some of the incredible things God is doing here in Sudan, it hit me. There is a world of difference of going, i.e. “I went” and going as one who is sent. So much of the fruit we are seeing in rapid acceleration in Sudan is because we are part of a family whose leaders (I love you Mama Aida and Papa Rolland!) have paid an incredibly high price for the momentum we are being thrust deeper into His heart by. I am so grateful and humbled by the sacrifices they have made and continue to make every day. When you are sent, it means you are never alone.

In this season, being aligned with the right family is crucial as Jesus is emphasizing relationships, love and honor like never before. I thank Him every day for my Iris family and the special ones He has given me as treasures in Sudan. I thank Him for the mamas and the papas who sow wisdom into my life. Most of all I thank Him for His love that never fails.

Remember the grass mat from a few posts ago? My children transformed it into prophetic piece of art for Mama Aida and Papa Rolland (seen above). A rainbow coming from heaven coloring earth painted with their own fingerprints. We each are part of His rainbow of promise and presence, as Who He is being expressed uniquely in our lives, coloring earth with heaven. What will you let Him paint on the canvas of YOUR life laid down in love?

To all who stand with us and celebrate what God is doing in the nations… THANK YOU! We love you!

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