To See His Glory

February 2008

What does glory look like that is so deep that the experience of it covers the earth as waters the sea?

I was taken into a visitation I was in Miami in worship that undid me. It was one of those moments with Jesus. I was so undone it was hard to pull out of it to preach. When I find myself in the secret place of His Presence, I never want to leave! I saw thick, deep darkness pulsating over the face of the globe. In the darkness these see-through transparent lovers were waking up all over the planet in the middle of the harvest fields. They were rubbing the sleep from their eyes. Wake up sleeping Bride!

The Son began to dawn IN them and because they were see-through; the glory light of love began to burst forth from their inner most beings. They carried the light of His glory. They literally carried His dawn into the darkness! They dispelled darkness just by showing up. Their lives were agents of atmospheric shift because they carried the realm of His glory IN them and it shone out through them. They had huge hearts that took up their whole chests that were on fire, literally burning and beating with His passionate love. They all had their gazes fixed on the Lamb: nothing could tear their eyes from the altogether lovely, beautiful One.

Where ever they followed Him, out of their inner most beings came rivers of life and love and glory and light and fire. Pulsating torrents out of their beings until the earth began to flood with this liquid glory love. THIS is the movement of Love! Watch out wastelands and warzones, the glory carriers are waking up all over the planet. Sons and daughters are waking up to their identities and destiny. The Bride is arising to not only to carry His glory into the darkness, but to carry His dawn of a new day and be the releasers of the river of His Presence where ever they go.

One thought on “To See His Glory

  1. >Dearest Michele, 2 days ago I was nudged by "thought" (I know now to observe best I can all thoughts – to know who they are coming from – Christ, Angels, forces of darkness so as to best discern Love) which suddenly had me turn off at my library – in need of books on tape for a upcoming trip. I came upon your book on tape. Not knowing anything I took it and a bunch others home – yours was the first I grapped – not able to delay gratification until the trip! As soon as I began it I could not stop – and listened to the whole thing. I cried, sobbed, and had a powerful spiritual experience that lasted over 2 days – with the "after shocks" still prevaling powerfully.You are an answer to a desire prayer I had offered up a week before – my desire to be tithing to ministries that are "clariey" – love "voyent" – for direct spiritual encounters with Christ and his Hierarchies are for me the true test of who is really out there on the leading edge. For me this is what is up for all of us as Christians – to be having personal encounters with Christ and his helpers – and to be doing our deeds in the world to evolve The Love that He and Papa and the entiriety of the Spiritual World have for us. I too have seen in the Spirit – The Spirit of Love – and it is of much comfort and affirmation to have found another of the same Heart. Thankyou for your calling and following it – Thank you Christ Jesus – for ALL OF YOUR LOVE – that so keeps us going – gives us our courage. I am in the midst of preparing a workshop for Christmas – to honor 12 Holy Nights of Christmas – calling it Inner Christmas – a aspect of that workshop will be the homework of reading your work – so that all whom attend – as they enter into the New Year – and upon spending 12 minutes for each of the 12 Holy Nights of Christmas starting on Christmas Eve through Epiphany – will be guided with messages of how to EVOLVE The LOVE on our Earth – to bring Jesus's heart into our heart – and our heart into His . . . Lovingly, One of your many soul sisters torch bearers . . . Elizabeth Benner, Rochester NY

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